Why Vampire Benny Should Return For Supernatural's Final Season

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With the Winchester brothers set to ride into the sunset soon, here's why fan favorite Benny needs to return one last time for Supernatural's final season. When Supernatural first debuted in 2005 it's doubtful anyone involved with the series expected it to become such a long-running success. The show is a unique mix of horror and fantasy, with Jared Padalecki (Friday The 13th) and Jensen Ackles playing Sam and Dean Winchester respectively.

The Winchester brothers were raised by their father John Winchester, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead), to hunt supernatural creatures like demons and ghosts. The chemistry between the two leads, alongside the show's blend of horror and comedy, helped make Supernatural a hit. Despite creator Eric Kripke originally envisioning the show running for about three to five seasons, with its upcoming final series it will have run an incredible fifteen seasons. It also received an anime adaptation in 2011 with the fittingly titled Supernatural: The Anime Series.

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The Winchesters have run into some great supporting players over the course of 300 episodes of Supernatural, including demon Crowley, Charlie Bradbury, and, of course, Bobby Singer. Season 8 introduced another character who became a fan-favorite in vampire Benny Lafitte. Dean Winchester runs into Benny after he's sent to Purgatory, and the two work together to escape since Benny knows a way out. Despite Dean's initial mistrust of the vampire, the two soon form a close friendship.

Bennie from Supernatural

It turns out the vampire was condemned to Purgatory by his vengeful master, The Old Man, after Benny fell into love and tried to run away. After Dean and Benny escape they track down The Old Man and kill him. Benny has trouble adjusting to the world outside Purgatory during Supernatural season 8, however, and resisting the urge to feed on humans. He later willingly sacrifices himself so Dean can rescue his brother Sam from Purgatory and decides to stay since he feels he doesn't belong in the real world anymore.

Dean later has a hallucination of Benny in Supernatural season 10 episode "The Werther Project," but aside from that, the character has yet to return. Ty Olsson's (Godzilla) performance, combined with Benny's loyalty and tragic backstory made him a favorite among Supernatural fans, but while the character is arguably more at peace in Purgatory, it feels like Dean hasn't quite gotten over his sort-of death.

Considering the number of times Benny's jumped back and forth between the dimension it might be a little far-fetched for him to escape yet again, but he deserves a happier ending. With Supernatural coming to an end with season 15 there's no better time for a Dean/Benny reunion, even if it's only a cameo. Fans should probably expect a lot of return appearances from fan favorites in the final season, so hopefully, Benny will be among them.

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