Benicio del Toro's 10 Best Movies According To Rotten Tomatoes

Benicio Del Toro as DJ in Star Wars The Last Jedi Cropped

Few actors command the screen in the way Benicio Del Toro does. The intense and brilliant actor has been turning in compelling performances for decades in a variety of exciting projects. From small independent dramas to big-budget spectacles, Del Toro is always one of the most interesting things on the screen.

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Del Toro is an actor who has a knack for picking great projects. If his name is attached to a movie, it's a safe bet that it will be an exciting movie to watch. As a result, his filmography is filled with classics, modern hits, and hidden gems. Here are Benicio Del Toro's best films, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

10 21 Grams (80%)

Benicio Del Torro in 21 Grams

Alejandro González Iñárritu is known for his powerful and beautiful films like Birdman and The Revenant. 21 Grams is a film that helped to launch his career in Hollywood in the story of three very different people who are brought together by a shared tragedy.

Del Toro received an Oscar nomination for his role as Jack, an ex-con who turns to religion to turn his life around. The film itself was praised for the powerful performances from a strong cast and Iñárritu ability to handle the unconventional structure of the story.

9 Dora And The Lost City Of Gold (84%)

Isabela Moner in Dora and the Lost City of Gold

A live-action film based on the Dora the Explorer cartoons could have been a real disaster. But in a surprise to many, it turned out to be a pretty fun adventure. The movie introduced a teenage Dora as she sets out on a quest to find a hidden treasure.

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Del Toro has fun providing the voice of Swiper, the mischievous and thieving fox who is also pursuing the treasure. The lead performance from Isabela Moner was pointed out by critics as a highlight in this family adventure that honors the source material while creating its own story.

8 Avengers: Infinity War (85%)

Avengers Infinity War Thanos

Del Toro's role as The Collector in the MCU pretty much guaranteed he would cross paths with Thanos before long. Avengers: Infinity War was the first-time audiences saw Thanos in action as he rampaged through the universe, collecting the Infinity Stones while the disbanded heroes tried to stop him.

Del Toro's appearance is disappointingly brief, but this movie has a lot of characters to deal with. While some critics felt it was a bit too overstuffed, many found the epic action sequences and the shocking ending made for an unforgettable experience.

7 Fearless (87%)

Del Toro spent much of the 90s giving memorable supporting performances in great films. Fearless was an early project for Del Toro about a man (Jeff Bridges) who survives a plane crash and becomes convinced he cannot be killed.

Del Toro has a small but solid role as the husband of another survivor (Rosie Perez). The film is looked at as an underrated gem from acclaimed director Peter Weir which deals with heavy subjects in an energetic and compelling way. Bridges was also praised for his excellent performance.

6 The Usual Suspects (89%)

Benico Del Toro in The Usual Suspects

When part of an ensemble, Del Toro is pretty much guaranteed to stand out among the group, such as in The Usual Suspects. The mystery film told the story of a group of career criminals who join forces after being rounded up as suspects in the same crime.

Del Toro has the smallest role of the group but makes the most of it playing Fenster, a fast-talking con no one can understand. The movie itself has become a classic in the crime genre thanks to an outstanding cast, a smart script and one of the best twist endings of all time.

5 Star Wars: The Last Jedi (91%)

Benicio Del Toro as DJ in Star Wars The Last Jedi Cropped

As much as Del Toro seems to lean more towards smaller films, even he couldn't resist joining the Star Wars universe. The Last Jedi is the second film in the new trilogy and explores Rey attempting to bring Luke Skywalker into the fight as the First Order closes in on the rebels.

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Del Toro plays DJ, a codebreaker and one of the rare Star Wars characters who operate in a grey area. The movie was divisive among fans but critics thought it was a beautiful looking film that brought new dimensions to the Star Wars universe.

4 Guardians Of The Galaxy (91%)

The Collector in Guardians

Before joining Star Wars, Del Toro decided to try out another space opera. Guardians of the Galaxy introduced the unusual squad of heroes to the MCU as this dysfunctional team tried to stop an extremist from acquiring a powerful weapon.

While the movie was a big question mark for the MCU, it proved even their more obscure characters could be massive hits. Critics enjoyed the colorful and fun style of the film as well as the likable characters and irreverent comedy.

3 Traffic (92%)

Traffic was a powerful ensemble film from acclaimed filmmaker Steven Soderberg. The film looks at interconnected stories reaching from American suburbs to the streets of Mexico City, all dealing with the war on drugs.

Critics praised Soderberg for pulling off the ambitious story in a compelling and moving way. The all-star cast was also acknowledged for their work, especially Del Toro who won an Oscar for his role as a conflicted Mexican cop who searches for a way to make a difference in his country.

2 Sicario (92%)

Sicario Sequel Could Also Work as a Prequel

Sicario brought Del Toro back into the war on drugs, although in a very different law enforcement role. The thriller stars Emily Blunt as a young FBI agent who is chosen for a special task force that takes a more tactical approach to battle the cartels.

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Del Toro plays Alejandro, a mysterious operative who has deep connections to the cartels and will take extreme measures to stop them. Critics called the movie an immersive and gripping thriller with stunning direction from Denis Villeneuve and a powerful performance from Del Toro.

1 The Little Prince (93%)

The Little Prince

Del Toro isn't the first actor you would think of to appear in a kids' films, but The Little Prince features another voice-acting performance in this family-friendly adventure. The Netflix animated film tells the story of a young girl who forms a friendship with an elderly man who takes her on her own adventures.

The movie blended different animation styles to tell its story which made for a visually dazzling adventure. The sweet and endearing story also helped to separate it from many animated films.

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