Watch Every Time Benedict Cumberbatch Stopped Tom Holland Spoiling Avengers 3

Spider-Man and Doctor Strange in Avengers Infinity War

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Avengers: Infinity War


See Benedict Cumberbatch make sure that Tom Holland didn't reveal any Avengers: Infinity War spoilers during the film's world press tour. The culmination of the MCU's first 10 years, the film officially introduces fans to "Mad Titan" Thanos as Earth's Mightiest Heroes attempt to foil his universe-altering plans. Although that was one of the selling points of the film, arguably the biggest was seeing almost all heroes from the franchise together, especially with some meeting for the first time like Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange and Holland's Spider-Man.

Looking back at it now, it's interesting to watch the junkets from the film, as the cast attempts a delicate dance when answering questions from reporters. Unfortunately, while some pretty much nailed the art of pinpointing trick questions and not answering - and others were crafty in giving non-answers - Holland was obviously having a hard time making sure that he's didn't say too much about Infinity War. And thanks to a new video, fans can now see all the times that he was either struggling to answer questions or so enthusiastic that he almost spoiled the film, only to be saved by Cumberbatch.

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The montage courtesy of captain* from Twitter dates back to last year's D-23 Expo, where the first footage for the film was shown to the public. From then on, the two have always been paired up during press junkets, with the exception of a few times where they were joined by Tom Hiddleston, or the Chinese leg of the global press tour that Cumberbatch wasn't a part of. It's unknown if it was intentional or not that Marvel Studios chose to pair the two together, perhaps hoping that someone would police Holland's comments, considering that Doctor Strange and Spider-Man spend most of their time in the film together. Nevertheless, the clip is fascinating to watch, especially now that Infinity War is already out. Watch it below.

While there were a few times that Holland may have jumped in and gave out something that he shouldn't, it was Mark Ruffalo who came very close to spoiling the shocking ending of Infinity War last year, also during the D-23 interviews. The Bruce Banner/Hulk actor, paired at that time with Don Cheadle, was literally almost going to reveal that half of the heroes in the movie would die (which ending up being the case), before it dawned on him that he shouldn't be saying that and he ended up changing his words.

It would've been a bummer if the cast members unintentionally let a spoiler slip, especially after the great lengths Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers went to in order to keep the plot details of Avengers: Infinity War tightly under wraps. It's been famously revealed that the actors did not receive full scripts, while others were even given fake ones, and just when the movie was about to fully screen for the first time during its Los Angeles premiere, the directors pleaded with the public to not ruin the experience for others by spoiling the film for them. That didn't entirely stop trolls from doing so, but it was still a valiant attempt by the company to preserve the secrecy of the movie as long as they did.

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Source: captain*/Twitter

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