Benedict Cumberbatch Prepares to Host Saturday Night Live in New Promo

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange - Reveal

Benedict Cumberbatch is shortly set to make his Marvel debut in Doctor Strange, where he will play the titular character, journeying into a magical and mystical realm in a quest to find a cure for the injuries he sustained in an accident. So far, Doctor Strange has been receiving positive reviews and doing well at the international box office, which in turn has resulted in a healthy forecast for its opening weekend domestically, too. Given Marvel's continued success with just about anything, Doctor Strange is hardly viewed as being a risky movie, despite the fact that the character is one of Marvel's more obscure creations. If anyone can pull off the role of an arrogant, emotionally and physically damaged surgeon with superpowers, it'll be Cumberbatch.

For Cumberbatch, the success of Doctor Strange will be another accolade to add to an ever-growing list. On top of his many triumphs on stage, the actor is perhaps now best regarded for playing Sherlock Holmes on the series Sherlock. The BBC show has proven to be a huge smash, spawning a global fandom and promoting Cumberbatch to super star status. Little wonder, then, that given his popularity, and to tie in with promotion for his new movie, Cumberbatch has been asked to host Saturday Night Live.

You can check out the promo for Cumberbatch's first time hosting SNL, above.

Marvel's Doctor Strange runtime

It might only be short, but the promo does showcase both Cumberbatch's superhero poise, which is almost regal, as well as the trademark deadpan humor we've come to associate with Sherlock. Fans of SNL should be in for a really great show, too. Cumberbatch is noted for being a really fun talk show guest and that should hopefully extend to his hosting skills, too. This will be Cumberbatch's first time hosting the popular comedy show, and he'll be joined by Solange Knowles for the occasion.

Of course, this will be the last episode of SNL before Americans head to the polls, so we can no doubt expect election jokes galore, in particular a lot of shots fired at the prospective candidates, too, as has almost become the norm in recent weeks for the show. Cumberbatch might be British but, like most of the world, he'll certainly hold an opinion on the Presidential race.

Will his appearance on the show sell more tickets to Doctor Strange? Well, chances are that if you were going to see it then you will do anyway and if you weren't then its unlikely that Cumberbatch being funny on TV is really going to sway you - but it'll be a fun evening's viewing nonetheless.

You can check out Cumberbatch on Saturday Night Live this week on November 5th.

Source: SNL

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