Benedict Cumberbatch Reports For Duty on Infinity War Set

Doctor Strange is back to save the world as Benedict Cumberbatch has arrived to the set of Avengers: Infinity War. Audiences loved his take on the character and have since been waiting to see more of him -- which will happen soon in Thor: Ragnarok later this year. However, Strange's full abilities may be put on display next year once Thanos arrives.

Cumberbatch was confirmed to reprise his role as Doctor Strange in Infinity War, but he had yet to join the ensemble. Reports of a stand-in being used caused some to wonder if his role in the upcoming third Avengers film was going to be nominal at best, but now that the actor himself has reported for duty on the set, it seems fans can breathe easy.

The news comes from Jay Funk, who serves as Cumberbatch's movement coach thanks to his uniquely talented fingers. Funk previously revealed on Twitter that he was heading to Atlanta to work on "that one movie," only later confirming today that movie is Infinity War and that Cumberbatch himself has arrived also.

The Doctor is in. ?

— JayFunk (@JayFunk_JD) June 15, 2017

While Cumberbatch arriving is welcome news, the confirmation he's in Infinity War is significant. Cumberbatch was confirmed for "Infinity War" back when the two Avengers flicks were filming concurrently, but once Marvel ditched that model to film them back-to-back, it was unclear which previously confirmed characters would be in which film. For his part, Cumberbatch has already gone on record saying the script is quite fun, which is to be expected considering the sheer amount of talent that will be on display in the movie.

Cumberbatch's arrival comes on the heels of Chadwick Boseman arriving as well, which should allow for two of the MCU's smartest minds to meet face to face. But with him joining the party this late into production, it's unclear whether or not this means he will have a smaller role than some of the other heroes. It also doesn't afford any information about the size of his role in Avengers 4, so there's no point in speculating at this point. Hopefully, though, the arrival of Doctor Strange means someone is around to help mend a team left broken by the events of Civil War. With the film still heavily in the midst of production, fans will just have to wait and see how things shake out when Thanos arrives.

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Source: Jay Funk

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