Ben Whishaw Expects Bond 25 To Begin Filming Later This Year

Another regular from the Bond franchise has confirmed his involvement with James Bond 25, as Ben Whishaw reveals that he is waiting for the call to start filming again with Daniel Craig. Whilst the only thing known about the production so far is that Craig will be returning to the iconic role of the British spy, it now seems that Whishaw is also returning to reprise his role of MI6 technical specialist Q.

Whishaw first took over the role of Q (the Quartermaster who supplies Bond with his useful gadgetry) in Skyfall. He played the character again in Spectre, which was originally thought to be Craig's final outing as the character at the time, leading to a probable reboot of the cast for any further entries. The role has been played by five other actors - if you include Never Say Never Again and the spoof version of Casino Royale - but was made famous by the late Welsh actor Desmond Llewelyn who portrayed him in 17 of the Bond movies. Whishaw updated the character slightly for the Craig films, being a younger version than had been seen before. Still, the main characteristics remained the same, as Q was impatient and annoyed as ever by the impulsive Bond, yet remained loyal and helpful to the agent even when he went 'rogue'.

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No other cast members (apart from Craig) have been formally confirmed for James Bond 25 yet. However, during a promotional interview for Paddington 2, the actor was asked about the current status of the spy film by Metro and he gave this response:

James Bond Meets Q in Skyfall

“I haven’t had an update for a while. I would imagine, I think they have a release date for next year, so I think by the end of this year we have to have started filming something. Although it has gone strangely quiet, but that’s often the way it goes.”

The current release date is indeed set for November 2019, but there is still very little detail about the production itself. Whishaw may have confirmed his involvement, but there is still no news as to whether Ralph Fiennes (M) or Naomie Harris (Moneypenny) may be joining him. There is no official director, title, or synopsis yet, despite plenty of rumors in the media. The only other certainty is that the film is being written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who have penned the last six entries of the franchise. Whishaw's statement is encouraging though, if only for that fact that he is expecting to be filming before the end of the year, which indicates that we should hear more updates in the coming months.

Bond 25 will have one of the most convoluted journeys to the screen out of all the official movies, with Craig's involvement never a certainty in the development stage. Christoph Waltz is unlikely to return as Blofeld, and the franchise will almost definitely be updated or rebooted following this entry. Hopefully now that the cast and shooting schedule seem to be coming together, this latest film in the beloved franchise will be a superior one.

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We'll bring you more updates on James Bond 25 as we get them.

Source: Metro

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