'Arrested Development' Season 4 Brings Back Ben Stiller as Tony Wonder

Arrested Development - Ben Stiller as Tony Wonder

Hot on the heels of news that Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen would guest star in the upcoming fourth season of Arrested Development hitting Netflix in May, another big guest star has been booked. But this one has roots in the original series run of the Mitch Hurwitz created comedy series.

Ben Stiller will come back to season four of the series as Tony Wonder, the rival magician that Gob had to deal with in the second and third seasons of Arrested Development.

EW has word on the cameo which pegs the appearance to just one episode. So get ready to see that finger-formed "W" and maybe see him pop out of a dumb waiter. Stiller's character is part of an assembly of returning talents from the original three seasons which also include Mae Whitman (her?), Liza Minnelli, Henry Winkler and Scott Baio. There's likely even more in the cards we haven't learned about yet.

In addition, plenty of new faces are slated to pop up including the cast of Workaholics, Conan O'Brien with his sidekick Andy Richter (see a photo here), Isla Fisher, Mad Men star John Slattery and comedian Hannibal Burress.

Arrested Development - Ben Stiller as Tony Wonder

Fans better enjoy these new episodes moderately, because we just learned that there won't be a fifth season - only the 14 episodes already in production. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed at an investment meeting that it would be difficult to get everyone together again (after all it took so many years just to get this season to happen). Plus, the deal for this new batch of episodes was set up just as a one-off event.

It's been hinted that this season is supposed to catch everyone up on the characters' activities over the years after the series ended and will lead into a movie, but we won't hold our breath to see that happen anytime soon.

Arrested Development Season 4 hits Netflix sometime in May this year.


Source: EW

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