Movie News Wrap Up: 'Ben-Hur', 'The Blob', & More

Nicolas Cage Osama Bin Laden Satire

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Hugh Jackman to lead Olympic Skiing drama; Nicolas Cage joins Osama Bin Laden satire; Pontius Pilate in Ben-Hur switches actors; Simon West to direct The Blob remake; and Don Hertzfeldt will direct Antarctica.

Hugh Jackman and Kingsman: The Secret Service star Taron Egerton are set to join the cast of Dexter Fletcher’s Olympic skiing biopic.

The untitled film will tell the story of Eddie Edwards, an Olympian who gained great renown despite placing last in the 1988 Olympics. That’s because Edwards was the first athlete to represent Great Britain as an Olympic skier.

Hugh Jackman Taron Egerton Olympic Skier Drama

Egerton will play Edwards in the film and Jackman will play his mentor Chuck Berghorn, who helped transform a down-and-out skier into an Olympic athlete. The film hopes to shoot in the spring.

Source: The Wrap


Nicolas Cage has joined the Osama Bin Laden satire Army of One, which will be directed by Larry Charles (The Dictator).

Nicolas Cage Osama Bin Laden Satire

Cage’s character will be loosely based on Gary Faulkner, a Colorado man who snuck into Afghanistan and Pakistan numerous times to hunt for Bin Laden. Faulkner’s story was famously recounted in a GQ Article.

Army of One hopes to begin shooting in March of this year and could hit theaters by year’s end. Sounds like the perfect film for Nicolas Cage's fan base, but could go either way depending on its tone.

Source: THR


Pilou Asbaek has been cast as Pontius Pilate in Timur Bekmambetov’s Ben-Hur adaptation.

Pilou Asbaek Cast Pontius Pilate Ben-Hur

Some may remember that Game of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal was in talks for the role, but apparently things didn’t work out. Now it will be up to Asbaek, who starred in last year’s Lucy, to portray the infamous Roman prefect.

Based on the book by Lew Wallace, Ben-Hur tells the tale of Judah Ben-Hur (Jack Huston), a Jewish nobleman enslaved by the Romans. Some will remember the Charlton Heston film that adapted the story, but this 2016 remake is expected to go for something a little different.

Source: The Wrap


Simon West has signed on to direct a remake of The Blob.

Simon West Direct Blob Remake

Most will remember the ‘50s sci-fi classic version of The Blob, in which a formless alien creature starts eating members of a Pennsylvania town. It may be a little goofy when viewed now, but back then The Blob was considered solid sci-fi. Several have tried to remake the film in recent year, including Rob Zombie, but West's project seems to be the one to finally get off the ground.

Although West hopes to shoot the film soon, we still don’t know much about this remake. The hope is that The Blob will use modern visual effects technique to up the believability.

Source: Deadline


Don Hertzfeldt is set to direct the animated feature Antarctica based on his original idea.

Don Hertzfeldt Direct Antarctica

While most may not know Hertzfeldt, they likely have seen some of his work. He was responsible for the delightfully twisted animated short Rejected and also animated The Simpsons’ season premiere couch gag. Needless to say, he’s an animator whose quirky work has built him a strong following.

However, Antarctica will mark a major departure for Hertzfeldt as he works with a team of animators. But don’t worry, Hertzfeldt promises the film will feature his signature style in a genre-defying adventure.

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