'Ben and Kate' & 'The Mindy Project' Premieres - What Did You Think?

Fox's new comedies 'Ben and Kate' and 'The Mindy Project' have now premiered - but what did YOU think of them? Cast your vote!

Ben and Kate

You may not have realized it, but last night's series premiere of Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project means that Fox, now in its second week of the fall television season, has already finished presenting its new line-up. Do you think that these two new comedies will find a longtime home on the network?

For Fox, both Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project fall within the familiar tone that New Girl set with its premiere last year, using quirky characters and high production values to help set itself apart from other comedies on the air: Ben and Kate has the loveably-moronic brother, Ben, while The Mindy Project has, well, Mindy.

Like New Girl, both series shine with their respective leads, who are surrounded by an eclectic cast of characters, helping to drive the series throughout. And even though both Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project are both thematically different (family vs. quest for love), their comedic stylings flow well together, making for an even stronger primetime programming block.

Unlike other networks, Fox has the least amount of programming space available, thanks to their 10pm evening newscast. While most other networks have five or more new series, Fox has three – a blessing and a curse. Tasked with having to pick three new series to help expand their network, Fox decided to focus more on their comedy than drama, leaving their strongest drama pickup, The Following, for the midseason.

The Mindy Project

Even though The Mob Doctor technically pairs well with Bones on Monday night, it's difficult to see the new series lasting long on the network. With one new series down, all eyes fall on Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project to see the success of Fox's new fall line-up.

Though it might take audiences some time to completely warm up to the antics of Ben in Ben and Kate, the quality is there, simply waiting for viewers to find it. Of course, mixed in with the familiar comedy that Mindy Kaling brings to The Mindy Project, perhaps Ben and Kate won't have to wait so long.

But that, of course, all depends on you, the viewer. What do you think of Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project? Has Fox done well with their new comedies?

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Ben and Kate airs Tuesdays @8:30pm on Fox

The Mindy Project airs Tuesdays @9:30pm on Fox

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