Ben Affleck Replaces Ed Norton In State Of Play

Since the writers' strike began one of the most troubled and high profile films has been Kevin McDonald's political thriller State Of Play. The film was originally supposed to star Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, but when pre-strike rewrites didn't satisfy Pitt, he walked.

Universal Pictures then successfully courted Russell Crowe for the part of the investigating journalist who is covering a high profile murder story. Norton had still been attached to the film, but now as the films start date was pushed back to January he has had to leave the project because it clashes with Tim Blake Nelson's comedy Leaves of Grass.

Variety is now reporting that Ben Affleck will now be replacing Norton as the young politician involved in the murder conspiracy.

I think that this is great news. In fact, it was just the other day that I was thinking about Affleck and his career. It's been ten years now since he burst onto the film scene with Good Will Hunting, and while Matt Damon has gone on to be a superstar, Affleck's career has been very quiet of late. I'm not even going to mention his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, or Gigli(oops), but I've always liked Affleck as an actor and I feel that he never fully achieved his potential.

His casting in State of Play seems like another good step forward following Hollywoodland and his recent directing effort Gone Baby Gone. With a bit of luck, this will help him to get back on the A-list, and hopefully give him the career that he deserves.

A teaming of Crowe and Affleck seems cool. Do you agree?

Source: Variety

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