Ben Affleck is 'A New Batman' for Justice League's Batman Week

It's Batman Week, and Ben Affleck discusses the evolution of his version of the Dark Knight in a new video for the upcoming superhero team-up film.

Justice League star Ben Affleck is promising a new version of his spin on the Caped Crusader in November's entry into DC's shared cinematic universe. A direct sequel to last year's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League finds Batman and Wonder Woman enlisting a group of heroes that includes Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash (and maybe Green Lantern?) to take on Steppenwolf, a warlord from the planet Apokolips who has come to recover the mysterious Mother Boxes and conquer Earth in the wake of Superman's death.

Following hero-centric promotions focused on the other members of the Justice League, this is "Batman Week" in the film's promotional cycle, and Warner Bros. has offered new video highlighting the Dark Knight.

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Justice League is an intriguing prospect for Affleck's version of Batman. An older, more cynical crimefighter, Batman's paranoia and trust issues got the best of him in Batman V Superman, and Superman's demise ended up galvanizing him into action, attempting to both protect Earth and salvage Superman's legacy. Check out Ben Affleck discussing his new iteration of Batman in the video below.

Everything we've seen of Justice League so far suggests that means we're going to see a Batman who's well outside of his comfort zone, having to be a team player with a group of younger, decidedly less angsty heroes. Not only that, he'll have to serve as their de facto leader, the only member of the team with no real superpowers - other than his self acknowledged ability of having a lot of money. That's an interesting dynamic for Batman, and one that wouldn't have been possible without the more extreme version of the character showcased in Batman V Superman.

It's also somewhat ironic that Affleck is discussing a "new Batman," as the actor's longterm future in the role has been hazy for awhile. Matt Reeves is slated to write and direct a solo outing for the DC Cinematic Universe's Batman, a job once held by Affleck himself before he dropped out of that obligation, ostensibly to concentrate on his acting career and personal life. Despite all this, Affleck has impressed as Batman, and fans likely hope Justice League is only the first chapter for this newer, less nihilistic version of his take on the iconic Gotham City vigilante.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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