Ben Affleck & Justin Timberlake To Star In 'Runner, Runner'

Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake are in the frame to star in Runner, Runner, the latest film from The Lincoln Lawyer director Brad Furman and actor/producer Leonardo DiCaprio.

Runner, Runner described as a dramatic thriller set in “the world of illegal online gambling,” was written by Brian Koppelman and David Levien, the men behind Rounders, Ocean’s 13 and The Runaway Jury.

Little is known, about the film other than the brief description above, but Affleck’s addition to the cast implies that it might be more than a generic thriller. The star hit it big in the late nineties following the box office success of Good Will Hunting (which won him an Oscar for writing), he then went on to star in a series of big-budget action films like Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and Reindeer Games. However, his career went into free-fall, following a series of flops – the most notable being Gigli (with then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez). Since then he has established himself as a director, helming Gone Baby Gone and the box office hit The Town, a well-reviewed movie which grossed over $90 million domestically.

In recent years Affleck has taken care when choosing his roles, taking supporting parts in Hollywoodland and State of Play before deciding to take the lead in the aforementioned The Town, as well as his next directing effort, Argo. The Boston-born actor also has a major role in reclusive director Terrence Malick’s next film, an as-yet untitled project which co-stars Rachel McAdams, Rachel Weisz and Barry Pepper.

Timberlake, best known for his pop hits has established himself as a competent actor, having toplined a variety of films-most recently Friends With Benefits and In Time. However, his most substantial film to date is without a doubt David Fincher’s The Social Network. The singer may not have the greatest range as an actor, but if the role calls for a cocky and self confident young man, then Timberlake fits the bill.

An interesting premise, solid director and two viable leading men mean that Runner, Runner may be worth checking out when it hit screens.

Source: Variety

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