What Ben Affleck As Iron Man & Robert Downey Jr. As Batman Could Look Like

Impressive fan art swaps the leading men behind Marvel and DC's respective billionaire heroes, with Ben Affleck becoming Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr.'s take on Batman. Affleck and Downey both appear to be nearing the end of their superhero careers, but for very different reasons. Both have tackled larger than life characters, but some new art imagines how they'd look in each other's roles.

Downey has been the  face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a decade, thanks to him launching the franchise in 2008 with Iron Man. He's made nine appearances so far in these movies, and has become one of Hollywood's most recognizable names and faces in the process. Affleck has, in comparison, only made three appearances as Batman in the still-growing DC Extended Universe. His addition was part of a constantly changing future for the franchise, which saw him star in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, and at one point had Affleck attached to direct, write, produce, and star in a solo Batman movie. While different characters, Batman and Iron Man do have some similarities, mainly their money that allows them to create the costumes and weapons they need to play hero, and their lack of genetically enhanced abilities.

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The latest in BossLogic's line of ElseBothworlds pieces of art imagines what it would look like if the two leading men switched universes and roles. Downey steps into the DCEU to become the caped crusader, while Affleck joins the MCU to be their genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.

Such a switch definitely would've provided either completely different outlets for the actors or altered takes on these characters. Although Downey brought a charm and wit to Tony Stark, his dramatic chops and own personal experiences could've made for him being an interesting choice to be Batman. It would've been a far more physically demanding role for Downey, and he'd need to pack on the muscle to become as intimidating of as Affleck. Speaking of him, the role of Iron Man may have opened up more of Affleck's own charm that he's shown glimpses of in his scenes as Bruce Wayne the socialite. And, since Marvel was looking for their Iron Man in the late-2000s (a rough stretch for Affleck's career), he could've found major success of his own as Iron Man.

However, this alternate universe may have been much more difficult to achieve. As much of a fan of Batman as Affleck is, part of the reason he signed on for Zack Snyder's vision was due to its limited length. Snyder confirmed that he originally planned to kill Batman in his 5 film arc, and Warner Bros. straying from this path may be partially responsible for his currently uncertain future. Downey on the other hand may not be the star he is today without the MCU, and may not have fit with Snyder's vision and tone.

Even with Avengers 4 possibly being Downey's last time playing Iron Man and Affleck's future in question, both have found various levels of success with their actual superhero roles. Downey has skyrocketed to the top of Hollywood, while Affleck quickly became many people's favorite live-action Batman. Their time spent in the roles isn't very close, but at least Downey and Affleck showed why they were great choices for Iron Man and Batman respectively.

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Source: BossLogic

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