Ben Affleck is Still Open to Directing a DC Film

Ben Affleck says he would still be open to directing a DC movie if the right opportunity presented itself. The Oscar winner was originally set to helm a standalone Batman feature that he would also write and star in, but things obviously greatly changed since the time of that announcement. Unable to crack the right story, Affleck passed on writing and directing duties to Matt Reeves, and more recently officially vacated the role after three appearances in the DCEU. Reeves' The Batman, which opens in June 2021, will star a new actor as Bruce Wayne.

For fans of the DCEU, Affleck's departure was a disappointing turn of events. He had won over the naysayers with his performance as a world-weary Bruce, and many were excited to see what he could have done with the character in future films. While viewers have no choice but to bid Batfleck farewell, there's still a chance Affleck the director could lend his talents to DC.

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In an interview with LADbible, Affleck touched on leaving the DC universe, saying that he hasn't entirely shut the door on returning in some capacity:

"I imagine it would be weird to step in and do another character. I can certainly imagine directing a movie, you know - if they [DC] would have me - if it was something I was passionate about. It's not about like kind of closing doors on stuff, I just couldn't figure out how I wanted to do that one [next Batman film], so it became time to let someone else take a crack at it."

Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman v Superman

If Affleck were to take on a DC film, it would represent a change-of-pace for him. His four directorial outings to date are grounded dramas, but that wouldn't necessarily mean he'd be out of his element on a superhero movie. He can craft exciting set pieces (see: the bank robbery sequences in The Town) and has demonstrated a strong handle on story and character. Affleck definitely has the ability to direct a big-budget tentpole if he wanted, but the key would be finding the right material. There's no shortage of DC films in development, so it wouldn't hurt WB (who has a longstanding relationship with Affleck) to have a meeting and see what's there. Maybe Affleck would be interested in doing a standalone project like Todd Phillips' Joker, where he'd have more creative leeway as an artist.

It remains to be seen what Affleck decides to do next with his directorial career. Last year, it was reported he was going to make a film chronicling the McDonald's Monopoly scam (starring Matt Damon), but there's still a chance that project could fall victim to the upcoming Disney/Fox acquisition. Regardless, the odds of Affleck jumping back into the comic book realm any time soon are low. He'd probably want to do a smaller film or two first as a palate cleanser before considering another superhero film. After going through the grind of Batman V Superman and Justice League, some time off from comic books would likely do Affleck some good. But if he ever were to find something that caught his eye, WB would be smart to have him back.

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Source: LADbible

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