Ben Affleck Admits Daredevil Movie Was 'Kinda Silly'

Ben Affleck as Daredevil

Ben Affleck has once again addressed his role in Daredevil, a film he isn't exactly proud of. The actor has had a very successful career as a whole, but looking back, the 2003 film is a dark mark on his record. Starring Affleck as Matt Murdock, the film told the tale of the popular comic book character who fought the villains Bullseye and Kingpin, both of whom will be appearing in season 3 of the more well-received Netflix series based on the same character.

Affleck has spoken out about the film before, which he credits with convincing him to take the role of Batman years later. The reaction to that movie aided in his decision to do justice to Batman in WB's unofficially titled DCEU. Despite the internet frenzy that was incited by Affleck's casting, Batfleck, the name given to the upheaval, was short-lived. Most quickly came around to Affleck's portrayal of Bruce Wayne, despite mixed reactions to his portrayal, particularly in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Still, conversations do often lead back to the first superhero he played on-screen.

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In a clip for the documentary Cinemability: The Art of Inclusion, Affleck briefly speaks out about portraying the blind superhero. The actor expresses that it was important to him that he knew "what it felt like" to be blind, more than just looking the part. Affleck worked with Tom Sullivan, a blind performer, on making this aspect of the character authentic. He calls this "the most interesting thing" about the film, adding that, otherwise, it was "kinda silly."

In the current iteration, actor Charlie Cox portrays the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. Cox has addressed his predecessor in the role, calling Affleck's performance "fantastic" and adding that he "stole a lot of stuff" from his portrayal. He concedes that the film wasn't great, noting its more comical tone in comparison to the dark feel of the Daredevil TV series. Far from silly, the new Daredevil is a lot more like Affleck's Batman - a serious character with a tragic past, working to protect his city (and sometimes as a group). Interestingly, though, the film's producers, including current Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige (who produced the movie), has expressed satisfaction with the director's cut of Daredevil, which was more warmly received by audiences.

Affleck's superhero past aside, what most fans are concerned about is his future. The multi-hyphenate penned a script for a solo film, The Batman, which was later scrapped in favor of one from Matt Reeves. As of last reports, Affleck is still on board to produce, but will no longer be directing the flick. However, fans are most concerned about if he'll be starring in the film. That much remains to be seen.

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Source: Cinemability

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