Ben Affleck Imitates Christian Bale's Batman For Red Nose Day

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Watch Ben Affleck do his Batman voice for charity on NBC's Red Nose Day special! (there's even a Christian Bale joke ?)

— (@BatmanNewsCom) May 26, 2017

Ben Affleck has never been one to take himself too seriously and in a Red Nose Day video, the actor attempts to recreate Christian Bale's famous gravelly Batman voice. The debate as to which actor performed best as the Caped Crusader will likely continue until the end of time but the success of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy means that Christian Bale is a firm favorite. This is somewhat unfortunate for current Bruce Wayne, Ben Affleck, who portrayed the character in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and will appear in the forthcoming solo movie, The Batman.

Never ones to miss a golden comic opportunity, Red Nose Day have taken the controversial 'best Batman' debate and made it the focus of a short skit as part of this year's event. For those unaware, Red Nose Day is a telethon from Comic Relief that brings together a host of comedians and A-list celebrities to take part in variety of comedic sketches to encourage viewers to donate money to very worthy causes. (Like Live Aid but with jokes instead of U2.) The event was originally conceived in the United Kingdom by Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Blackadder) and has recently made the move over to North American shores.

And Ben Affleck's contribution to this event (via Batman-News) certainly hits the mark. The video sees a young Batman fan ask the actor to perform the superhero's famous voice, before stressing "No! Do it the way Christian Bale does it." Although Affleck gamely obliges, the kid decides he would just rather hear Bale himself do it, to which the actor brilliantly replies "Well, he was unavailable, so..."

Ben Affleck as Batman Bruce Wayne in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

Not only is the video sure to raise a smile (and hopefully some cash) from Batman fans but it's also highly pleasing to see Affleck make a joke at his own expense, especially since he's probably sick of the 'We'd rather have Bale' jibes. Some actors may be unwilling to poke fun at themselves in such a way and Affleck is a good sport for playing along in the spirit the sketch is intended.

The superhero genre - and the Marvel vs DC rivalry in particular - has a habit of becoming a little too serious at times and can lose perspective of the fact that these stories are just meant for our entertainment. As such, videos like this are very refreshing and the perfect anecdote to a sometimes cynical movie business.

With that said, if Ben Affleck starts sounding like a Christian Bale impersonator in The Batman, we know which kid to blame.

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Source: Red Nose Day (via Batman-News)

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