James Gunn Adds Michael Rooker to 'The Belko Experiment'

Michael Rooker and James Gunn appear to be inseparable. The two will be working together yet again on the upcoming horror/thriller, 'The Belko Experiment'.

Michael Rooker at Guardians of the Galaxy World Premiere

Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer and director James Gunn has quite a history of working with actor Michael Rooker, the man commonly known as being Daryl Dixon's violent and racist brother in AMC's The Walking Dead. Rooker transformed into a monstrous villain in Gunn's entertaining sci-fi/horror movie Slither, played as Kevin Bacon's muscle in Super, and he of course was the blue leader of the Ravagers, Yondu, in Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy.

That means it shouldn't really come as a big surprise to learn that that the two will be working together once again in his upcoming movie, The Belko Experiment.

Gunn, who's writing and producing The Belko Experiement, made the announcement on his Facebook wall earlier today, confirming that he and his real-life pal Rooker will be working together yet again. Described as a "horror/action/thriller" movie, Gunn's story is about employees who find themselves trapped in the Belko building. Once locked inside, "mysterious forces" tell the people to follow one simple rule: kill or be killed.

While many of the roles Rooker has played would thrive in this situation - Yondu would certainly have no problem wiping everyone out with his arrow - this time around, he apparently won't be one of the tougher characters. Gunn described Rooker's character as "a pretty nice guy" and says he'll be "ill-equipped" to handle the lethal scenario. Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) is set to direct and the movie will also star John Gallagher Jr. (The Newsroom), Tony Goldwyn (Scandal), Melonie Diaz (Be Kind Rewind), and John C. McGinley (Scrubs) as other employees who are unlucky enough to also be stuck in the violent situation.

Michael Rooker, James Gunn & Sean Gunn at Guardians of the Galaxy World Premiere
Michael Rooker, James Gunn & Sean Gunn at Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere

The premise may sound similar to The Hunger Games or Saw, but set in an office building without the social commentary, but considering Gunn's history of making movies that are full of personality, memorable comedy, and have a strong focus on character, it's understandable to expect something different and something that blends genres. Slither and Guardians of the Galaxy proved capabilities of writing horror, violence, and action - three elements that appear to be critical for this new movie. His track record speaks for itself and leads us to believe the story will make viewers care for these unfortunate characters while also offering some cheerworthy madness.

As for his next major feature in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Gunn recently said he's finished a script already and is rushing to have it revised before heading to Columbia to shoot The Belko Experiment in June. He's already begun talking to someone he has in mind for a "new Guardian." Only time will tell which new Marvel characters appear in the followup to Guardians of the Galaxy, but in the meantime, we've shared a list of 12 characters we'd like to see in the adventure.

Shooting for The Belko Experiment begins this June in Bogota, Columbia.

Source: James Gunn

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