'Being Human' Renewed For Season 4 - What Happens Next?

Apparently, Being Human won't end on a cliffhanger. After closing their third season with a series of shocks for the show's supernatural trio on Monday night, Syfy announced that the show will return for a 4th season, issuing a press release during the network's upfront presentation in New York today.

Adapted from a popular UK show of the same name that will draw to a close later this year following 5 seasons and multiple cast changes, the US version of Being Human is no Walking Dead, but it has earned respectable numbers for Syfy - averaging 1.8 million viewers during its 3rd season while performing very well with 18-49 year olds and women. The 4th season of Being Human is expected to run 13 episodes, but fans will likely have to wait until 2014 to see what happens next.

In the finale, Aidan (Sam Witwer) chose deception over murder as he set his mangled vampire progeny loose in the wild instead of killing him. Naturally, this could come back to bite him in the ass with Josh (Sam Huntington), his new wife Nora, and Sally (Meghan Rath), but the bigger question is: how will Aidan deal with the apparent return of his long dead wife in season 4, and what manner of beastie is she? Beyond that, what happens to Aidan's new love, Kat Neely?

Speaking of Josh and Nora, all seemed set for splendor after the werewolf couple's quickie wedding, but then Liam's quest for vengeance over his dead were-daughter reared its head and now Josh is stuck being a werewolf - conceivably forever. Though, the last shots of him in full-on wolf mode in the light of day with Nora screaming certainly speak to big questions about the nature of his transformation going forward.

For Sally, the situation seems most dire. Free of both her earthly body and her Faustian deal with Donna the witch, good old ghost Sally was back, but in a stunning moment (and a rather cool visual), she got literally dragged to hell (or some other subterranean place) through her death spot by that same witch, echoing the season 2 cliffhanger when Sally was stuck in limbo, only to be rescued by Josh and Nora's initial pact with Donna. Will they be able to get her back this time, though?

There are at least 8 months to speculate and think about those questions, though the return of Donna could set her up as a major character next season, much in the way that Xander Berkeley's "Liam" was this year, Deena Aziz' "Mother" was last season, and Mark Pellegreno's "Bishop" was in season 1.

With that said, Being Human always seems to find a way to throw more than just one primary stumbling block at their characters over the course of each season, sidestepping the annual "Big Bad" trope and making it likely that we'll likely see Donna, the above mentioned un-resolved and freshly brewed troubles, and a bunch of unforseen things and total surprises that continue to plague Aidan, Josh, and Sally into the next season


Being Human season 4 premieres in 2014 on Syfy

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