'Being Human': Pack It Up, Pack It In

Aidan and Henry on Being Human

[This is a review of Being Human season 4, episode 5. There will be SPOILERS.]


While last week's Being Human episode, "Panic Womb" brought Aidan's desperation for an honest relationship and Josh and Nora's want for a family to the fore with Sally once again facing harsh words about her penchant for accidental destruction, this week's episode, "Pack it Up, Pack It In" brought home the consequences of those desires and harsh realities - literally.

This has been a hard season for Sam Huntingon and Kristen Hager's werewolf characters, Josh and Nora, as they've struggled to find an anchor to stop their lives from drifting away from whatever normality two werewolves can attain, but it now seems like a family is what they hunger for. Last week's werebaby delivery with newbie wolves Caroline and Andrew obviously signaled a new force in Josh and Nora's lives, a reminder of what that "normal" life could look like, and a gateway into a new pack with Andrew and Caroline's friend Mark, an alpha male.

From their first encounter, Mark seemed dedicated to the pursuit of dominating Josh, something that becomes ever more present and concerning when he basically invades Josh's house during a baby shower, bringing a few other wolves and a lot of barely subcutaneous tension. It's Mark that wants a war with the vampires and Mark who has the most extreme reaction to Kenny and Aidan's drunken scrum at the party. It almost seems inevitable that Josh and Mark are going to have it out at some point.

Speaking of having it out, Aidan's confession about his vampirism to Kat ended with laughter last week, but when he provided her with evidence, it basically signaled the end of their relationship, which led to a blood-drunken stupor for Aidan and the aforementioned appearance at the werewolf party.

It was amusing to see Sam Witwer have some fun and step away from Aiden's typical intensity, his best scene came during Sally's latest time-jump (it's interesting that she's seemingly jumping back along the group's timeline, no?) which took her to the 1920s and a moment that revealed Aidan's past viciousness.

Speaking of flashbacks, it was nice to see Aidan's other sired son, Henry, and though she was there in the present day, Josh's sister Emily finally made her season four debut. The Being Human producers have done a wonderful job of working in a lot of fan favorite characters from the show's run at this early point in the season, but while Henry did little but menace and munch, Emily both spurred Sally to once again use magic (with not great results) while pushing Josh away as she recovers from her own addictions.

Being Human Sally, Emily, and Josh

After last week's episode it seemed as though the pace had been set for the rest of the season, but last night's episode only seemed to advance Josh and Nora's storyline as they unwisely entered this new pack. For Aidan and Sally, little progress was made. It still seems like we're still slowly working our way toward some kind of event that explains the meaning of Sally and her powers at this stage. For Aidan, his continued shepherding of Kenny seems likely to blow up in his face, but this episode was really more about his breakup with Kat even though that scene underwhelmed thanks to her muted reaction. Remember, she didn't just find out that her boyfriend is a vampire, she found out that there are vampires, and yet she seemed far too composed.

Absent Kat's presence, it seems logical to assume that Aidan will more closely align with Kenny as he tries to run Boston, especially with the possibility of a wolf vs. vampires war potentially on the horizon. Might that bring Suzanna back into the fold? Will it put Aidan and Josh into conflict? Time will tell, but while this season's struggles have mostly been contained within the group, Kenny's courtship of Astrid the werewolf and Mark's views on wolf/vampire relations would seem to signal that we're in for a bit more conflict and a lot less vampire/ghost "curtaining".


Being Human airs Monday's @9PM on Syfy

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