'Being Human': That Time of the Month

Being Human - Meaghan Rath - S4, Ep2

[This is a review of Being Human season 4, episode 2. There will be SPOILERS.]


In last week's season premiere, the Being Human producers set the table for this season, casting Josh's future into the dark and doubtful while his friends tried to work through his perpetual wolfishness. For Sally, things seemed to be a bit too good after making her way out of day spa purgatory before they turned quite dark and Aidan seemed to be heading toward a fuller relationship with Kat while his long lost wife Susanna and the shuttered Boston vampire political machine re-emerged.

This week, the ball was kicked down the field a little as the focus remained on Josh and Nora's heartbreaking dilemma while the mysteries surrounding Sally's newfound powers continued. As for Aidan, he finally got a chance to talk to Susanna as we found out her greatest secret.

About that return, it seems like that pill went down a little too easy for Aidan. Granted, producers have pulled this before (Henry), but despite all that Aidan has seen, we still should see some kind of perceivable shock on his face as he stands talking to a woman who he loved deeply and who he thought had passed away two centuries ago.

Her vamp turn - at the hands of Bishop (a wonderfully evil, manipulative, and all-too-brief a return for Mark Pellegrino) - way back then was predictable, but the fate of their son was not.

Being Human - Sam Witwer - S4 Ep2

Susanna's visually upsetting scene of self flagellation at the end of the episode also came as a bit of a surprise, but it may have shed some light on her motives. If (when) Aidan finds out about their son, one can expect him to react with anger. After that scene, we have every reason to wonder if that is what she is hoping for, though her answering the door with a stake in one hand certainly leads one to believe that someone or something may be after her.

Another thing that came out of Susanna's appearance this week is that she will apparently not stand in the way of Aidan's relationship with Kat - until she inevitably does, of course. That's a sad thing about this show - all relationships seem doomed. Nora is a prime example of that and it's her obvious frustration that drives the group to go to extreme measures to excise Josh from his wolf-body prison.

That Nora trusted Sally's newfound powers goes to show how desperate she has become to steal back the shards of normalcy that her and her fellow werewolf mate had squirreled away. This is a woman who was quite clearly affected by Josh's desire to have Aidan end him last week and now she's putting his life into jeopardy as his humanity slips away within his werewolf body.

So far, the Josh/Nora story has been the most gripping one of this new season and Kristen Hager is doing all the heavy-lifting thanks to Sam Huntington's near absence. That figures to change now that they cut Josh out of the wolf, but clearly there are after effects that are going to be dealt with, so the possibility exists that her frustration might actually push her away from him still.

Being Human - Sam Huntington - S4, Ep2

Speaking of dealing with things - now Sally is a time-traveling ghost, drifting between realms to unearth the spell book that set Josh free while also popping in on Josh and Aidan in a happier moment from the past when they were just moving into the house. The trailer for next week's episode indicates that Donna is set to make her return (as is Kenny, and most likely the focus on the Boston vampire political scene), so perhaps that will help shed some light on Sally's role this season.

Is she ultimately the big bad? Will Josh and Aidan have to team up to take her out before she becomes power-mad and threatens everything? Hopefully we'll start to get clued in over these next few episodes.


Being Human airs Monday nights on Syfy @9pm.

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