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Being Human S4 E11 - Aidan Kool Aid

[This is a review for Being Human season 4, episode 11. There will be SPOILERS.]


The Lil Smokie storyline has - much like the ghostly child at the center of it - lingered in the periphery all season, but when the conclusion of last week's episode saw Sally occupying the girl's bed, we knew that producers had finally gotten around to addressing this particular lingering thread while also allowing the house a chance to figure prominently in the series' last moments.

A constant in as much as Aidan, Josh, Sally, and Nora have been, the brownstone has seen death, witches, werewolves, vampires,  the possible future death of Josh, and of course ghosts, but now that Sally's father has decided to sell the house, it appears that it is also necessitating the break up of the group's "experiment". But while some of the residents may be okay with moving on, Lil Smokie (aka Ramona) is seemingly keen to thwart their exit - a frightening thought considering the way that she handled the last threat to the group's once happy home, electrocuting Sally's brother Robbie.

Unfortunately for Sally and the others, that little detail (and the meaning of those tally marks) isn't immediately available to them when they meet the seemingly innocent Ramona. Always eager to right a wrong, Sally and Aidan come to the girl ghost's aid, seeking out her twin sister, Beatrice at the DMV. While there, we see Aidan and Sally deal with some of their new-found romantic tension (which follows Aidan's steamy dream about Sally) much to the curiosity and confusion of those seated around Aidan, who looks as if he is talking to himself. It's a lighter moment, much like Aidan smashing through Ramona's wall Kool-Aid Man style before yelling "Oh yeah" and last week's kiss with the very large Sally proxy, but when it passes, Aidan is being led out of the building by security when Beatrice reacts sourly to his raving claims about her long dead twin.

Being Human S4 E11 - Josh turns wolf

While Aidan and Sally practice their ghost outreach and bickering skills, Josh is getting to know Ramona, who holds him in his room when Mark and the wolfpack use Astrid (Kenny's wolf girlfriend) as a trojan horse to get Nora to let them into the house so they can once again try to get Josh to turn an innocent. This time, though, things end with a bloodbath as Josh's rage turns him into the wolf before Ramona frees and unleashes him onto the pack, which Josh mutilates, including Astrid.

A seemingly inconsequential character when she debuted, Astrid may prove vital in death, sparking not just a war between the wolves and the vampires, but between Kenny and Aidan, who sides with Josh when he pins Astrid's death on the wolf pack while hiding her body from Kenny and his goons who assist with the gruesome cleanup - a lie that is undone by Astrid's ghost.

One of the more hard to pin down characters of this season, Kenny's place on Being Human has moved around quite a bit this season. At one point, he seemed like a surprisingly formidable villain before Aidan took a paternal interest in him, choosing to save him over his guilt ridden vampire and vampire slaying wife last week. That Aidan barely seemed as if he was affected by Suzzana's death lends further proof to both the comfort of his choice and Suzzana's solitary purpose - pushing Aidan to care about his vampire offspring so that the looming betrayal can be all the more impactful. Is Kenny still a formidable enemy? It's hard to say, but he certainly has the upper hand in that he knows that Aidan lied to him about Astrid.

While Kenny and Sally's less than corporeal form may hinder Aidan's shot at happiness, those odds seem to have increased now for Nora and Josh. Brought closer by wolf-Josh's horrific actions against the pack in defense of Nora, Josh is freed from all-the-time wolf control when Sally possesses Josh to get in his head and help him reach an accord with his wolf, because apparently it was that easy.

Though we learned little about Ramona's motives beyond not wanting to lose Aidan, Josh, Sally, and Nora, it clearly won't be easy to push back against what seems like a very powerful ghost (who will seemingly torture the group with a horde of ghosts next week) with a taste for chaos and a set of tally marks that seem to detail the number of people whose deaths she has caused. The question is, is Robbie's death the only Malik family tragedy that she's behind?

Danny was obviously not a great guy, but is it possible that - because she liked Sally and didn't want her to ever leave - Ramona pushed Danny to kill Sally, thus beginning this entire cycle? Such a revelation would certainly be a showy and somewhat surprising way to end the show, but with just two episodes left and a lot of ground to cover, it's possible that producers may start taking bigger swings, or that they already did with this week's episode.


Being Human returns next Monday, March 31st @9PM

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