'Being Human': Oh Don't You Die For Me

Being Human, Aidan and Sally fight

[This is a review of Being Human Season 4 Episode 10. There will be SPOILERS.]


As Being Human's time winds down, it's natural to think that the four-year-old show will do everything to make the most of these last few episodes, but following the initially bold and then woefully short-lived trek to the alternate timeline, fans of the show received little more than an episode that stood in place, occasionally shuffling its feet before a burst of action at the very end.

Speaking of standing in place, it's easy to look at both Aidan and Josh and forget that while we've seen them sprint through an entire contrary existence, these versions of the characters have done little since we left them behind in issue 7, "Gallows Humor".

Following his evening of truth-telling, crying, and captivity, Aidan and Suzanna are right back into their conflict and she wants to put a stop to Kenny, the self-made vampire-boy-King of Boston. Holding strong, paternal feelings for the boy that he sired, Aidan asks for and is given a two month stay to reform Kenny.

As for Josh, he's coming to terms with Nora's rejection of him (and his wolf) with uncommon briskness; further surprising us when the healing process takes him back to Mark's pack. Josh feels accepted there, he can be the alpha, but when the group gathers in a house before the monthly turn, their true plan is revealed: Mark and company want to bring wannabe wolves to Josh so that he will turn them, thus growing the wolf pack and an army for the supposedly pending war between werewolves and vampires. Naturally, Josh rejects this idea, only to get thrown into a small cage, something that Nora and Aidan find out about thanks to Astrid, Kenny's werewolf girlfriend.

Being Human, Josh in a cage

Prior to the rescue mission, the pace of "Oh Don't You Die For Me" can be described as glacial. Once Aidan rolls up to the wolf den/lovely cottage, things begin to get a bit more exciting as he frees Josh from his cell before telling Nora to get him far away. The odds against him, Aidan then takes on the entire pack, holding his own for a moment before the wolves overtake him. Refusing to flee, Sally starts possessing the wolves one by one to even up the odds, even though doing so drains her. The wolves dealt with, she lingers in one of the wolves in an effort to make Aidan remember their affair from the alternate timeline.

With three episodes left, it seems likely that we'll see the aftermath of Sally's memory jog and the revelation (by way of Nora, who spilled the beans to Aidan after she and Sally's conversation about the other realm) that Sally was in love with Aidan in the alternate timeline. You had to know that the producers weren't going to let go of the Aidan/Sally affair, ramping up the "tragic romance" angle just a bit more as Sally withered away after saving Aidan, but we know that she's not going anywhere (not yet, at least), and thanks to Suzanna's guilt fueled betrayal, there's a bit less competition in Boston for Aidan's heart now.

We're also going to see Sally transported back to the room where Lil Smokie was sacrificed earlier in the season (we keep forgetting about that lingering plot thread); however, the trailer for next week indicates that Aidan is going to rip right through the wall to discover some kind of hidden room, so we're not giving into some kind of panic or worry that Sally, in her weakened state, transported back in time again.

Again, there are only 3 episodes left and a whole lot of story to wrap up. Can they do it to the satisfaction of the fans? Only time will tell, but "Oh Don't You Die For Me" did Being Human no favors.


Being Human airs on Syfy on Mondays @9PM

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