16 Behind-The-Scenes TV Photos That We Can’t Unsee

Television, from its infancy until now, has always been laced with magic. Most people have stories of being a child and thinking the shows they watched were not staged productions, but real people and worlds. While adults know better, it is still special seeing these stories on the small screen. A simple three camera sitcom with a laugh track manages to transport the viewer from their own house into the living room of the TV family for half an hour. Bigger productions with multiple sets and visual effects are not always the most realistic, but they still tell compelling stories.

However, the biggest enemies to our suspension of disbelief are behind the scenes photos. They are interesting to see, sure, but sometimes what they reveal can shatter the perception of a beloved TV show or actor. Obviously all of these characters are played by real human beings, but it would have been better not to see the grizzled main character crack a silly smile or stick out their tongue to the camera. It's like a child having their suspicions about Santa Claus confirmed; they pretty much figured it out themselves, but finding their presents in the closet three weeks ahead of time demystifies the whole holiday.

So without further ado, here are 16 Behind-The-Scenes TV Photos That We Can’t Unsee.

16 The Walking Dead

Aside from making all of the Hershel fans shed a tear of remembrance, this snapshot of Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and Scott Wilson is completely incongruous to the tone of the The Walking Dead. The long running hit series is not completely absent of lighthearted moments, but in a zombie apocalypse there is hardly time for cutesy tongue photos.

It wouldn't be as jarring if the actors were out of costume, but this picture makes it seem like it is not the actors, but the characters who are in this pose. These same characters who carry the weight of their sacrifices through their journeys also jokingly stick their tongues in each other's faces? Seems a tad out of character. It is at least comforting to know that the atmosphere on the set is more cheerful than the relentlessly brutal mood of the series.

15 Big Bang Theory

And here are the stars of one of the biggest currently airing sitcoms in what can be described as compromising outfits. If it looks like the stuff of someone's nightmare, it is only because it is. The on screen couple were dressed in the gear filming a scene where Sheldon dreams that the two turned his room into a dungeon.

The picture still manages to be unsettling even after knowing the story behind it. Johnny Galecki has a candid expressions and the quality of the photo itself suggests something more out of real life than from the set of a multi camera sitcom. this list won't pass judgement on what couples do behind closed doors, but it will never be the same seeing Penny and Leonard on screen together again.

14 Arrow/Flash/Supergirl

The Arrowverse functions similar to what Barney Ross said about his team in The Expendables 2: "We keep it light until it's time to get dark, then we get pitch black." Some of the story lines are dark and morbid, but it never forgets the fact that it is a comic book adaptation. With the being said, this image of the trio of heroes lounging on a couch with some video games and a book may be too much for some.

Why are they still in their costumes? Shouldn't they change into their civilian attire before engaging in some well deserved rest and relaxation? And if there's a button mashing mini game does somebody closely monitor the flash's fingers to make sure he is not cheating?

13 Teletubbies

Childhood television is meant to bring joy to the kids who watch it and Teletubbies was no exception. The series is legendary and even has a cult status among adult audiences, but how would children react if they were to see this picture revealing the true faces of the beloved quartet?

They may start crying, but it is hard to say if it would be from the shattered illusion of seeing the real actors or from fear since the image without context is frightening. Whatever the case, their relationship with the show would be forever changed. Most children have a genuine belief in the action happening on screen and once they are robbed of that, it cannot be returned.

12 Game Of Thrones

Again with the tongues, but in a fantasy world where there are no cameras, just what is the Lannister family posing for? Is it a portrait artist? If so, holding that pose for several hours would hardly be worth the effort for a playful family portrait. Of course, it is not a scene from the show, but the actors having a little fun with a photo op. Even so, with Game of Thrones being such an intense and violent show, it is stifling to see the actors having a good time behind the scenes.

The experience of filming a series like Game of Thrones should never be as oppressive as the actual show, but maybe audiences should not find out just how much fun it is to preserve their attitudes towards the characters.

11 The X-Files

It's easy to imagine agent Fox Mulder saying something like "the answers to the biggest mysteries are always just out of view." In this case, he would be absolutely right, as this photo highlights the legendary "Scully Box" or "Gilly-Board," referring to the character and actress.

Gillian Anderson is only 5'2, which is a stark contrast to David Duchovny's height of 6'0. To remedy this, the producers got the actress a platform to stand on during filming.

While it may be easier to film the two with a less substantial height difference, after seeing this image viewers will always imagine her standing on the box while watching the show. Though with the actress's future in the show uncertain, the Scully Box may soon enter retirement.

10 Star Trek

Elton John once said "It's lonely out in space, on such a timeless flight." There is no reason to contest that statement, but does it compare to the loneliness of sitting all alone in a television studio? This portrait of the iconic spaceship has to makes one wonder. Seeing The Enterprise like this almost makes it seem alive. It looks pensive, probably wondering why everybody has abandoned it. One wants to walk into the picture and comfort the poor lonely ship and tell it not to worry, it'll be a legend someday.

Now every time the iconic ship appears of screen it'll bring up this image. The Enterprise may boldly go where no man has gone before on television, but once the cameras stop rolling it is just a lonely prop.

9 Batman

Being an orphaned vigilante is hard work. There are countless criminal masterminds to contend with and it remains a thankless job as your true identity is forever hidden behind a mask. With this in mind, it makes sense that Batman would need to relax every once and while. But like every TV show, the relaxing is often edited out because it would cloud our perception of these heroes.

This is why the above image is odd to behold, even taking into consideration that the 1960s Batman TV series is the most lighthearted interpretation of the character. The public almost never sees the Caped Crusader sitting down, let alone assuming such a relaxed position with his legs stretched all the way out. Even outside the costume, Bruce Wayne would never be seen sitting in an informal manner.

8 Game Of Thrones Again

Apparently when not shooting a scene, Lena Headey has difficulty keeping her tongue inside of her mouth. It is good to see that the actress can have a good time, since her roles (which have also included Sara Connor and the villain in 2012's Dredd) often involve her being stone faced and tough as nails.

The out of character moment aside, there is also the anachronisms staring everyone in the face, from Mr. Sunglasses on the left to the more notable cell phone in the middle. Is the smartphone lying inside a hidden pocket of Cersei Lannister's costume in certain scenes? Maybe the answer will never be revealed, but it won't stop someone from pondering the thought every time they watch the show.

7 American Horror Story

Even after the mystery behind him is fully revealed, the Rubber Man remains a terrifying figure during American Horror Story: Murder House. Mixing adult imagery with murder is a surefire way to scare any audience and AHS executed this perfectly with the murderous ghost in the black suit. With that being said, this image of the Rubber Man giving a thumbs up to a crew member sure makes him seem less menacing.

If one is able to focus on anything but Dylan McDermott's rock hard abs, the pose of the Rubber Man looks all too causal. He's not a bad guy, he just likes dressing that way and communicating through hand gestures rather than talking. Now he looks more approachable, not anything like the psychotic murder ghost he is.

6 Supergirl

This photo has two amazing elements in it. The first one Melissa Benoist sitting in a "making myself at home" position and the second is the fact that Kevin Smith is not only on set, but is dressed similarly to his iconic Silent Bob character. Much like Batman, it is unlikely that the real Supergirl would sit like this in public or in front of a camera. There is nothing inherently wrong about it, but the heroine does have an image to uphold.

Kevin Smith's appearance makes the photo all the sweeter, especially because of his attire. Will the legendary Silent Bob have a cameo in a future Supergirl episode? Probably not, but it's impossible not to think about it now, isn't it?

5 Power Rangers

The antithesis to the average television program geared towards children, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers focused less on education and more on action, excitement, and terrible (but still endearing) comedy. Despite special effects that would not fool anyone, many young fans still took what they saw on screen as fact and seeing this picture would have surely broke their tiny hearts.

Even as an adult, seeing Megazord without a helmet standing next to fully grown adult is a strange sight to behold. While the battles are obviously performed by people in suits, keeping some part of the illusion intact still helps to keep it entertaining. Though constantly imagining the people in the suits filming the scenes provides its own fun at the same time. All in all, beating people up in robot and monster costumes is not a bad way to make a living.

4 Smallville

Before the onslaught of comic book television adaptations, there was Smallville. While not a smash hit by any stretch of the word, it brought in above average ratings for The WB (eventually turning into The CW) and maintained a loyal audience throughout its ten year run. If any of those loyal fans saw this photo during the series' ten seasons, it is likely that they would think about the show's stunts in a whole new light.

The behind the scenes snapshot certainly speaks to Tom Welling's dedication to filming special effects. Just look at that face, it truly has the expression of someone holding on for dear life. Putting on that look when all of the danger is fabricated is more difficult than it sounds. Watching Smallville will now bring to mind this photo and give an appreciation to a whole other side of Tom Welling's acting chops.

3 The X-Files Once Again

No, it's not Gill-man or a behind the scenes shot from The Shape of Water. This candid shot is from the production of a season ten episode of The X-Files "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster." This particular episode is unconventional and not meant to be as frightening as some of the other monster of the week entries, but this image of the actor getting into costume does strike an unsettling nerve.

From the underwear outside the pants to the performer looking straight into the camera, it is an all around awkward moment. He almost looks ashamed to be caught in this pose, as if he is half naked. Lizard man should not feel any embarrassment, as the creature design is incredible and the performance is stellar.

2 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Guillermo Del Toro's main passions are horror and monsters, but his tastes are extremely varied and nuanced. The long time director loves video games, comic books, and, most unexpectedly, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. His appreciation of the hilarious sitcom eventually paid off in the form of a guest spot on the show. The make-up is impressive enough that it is not immediately apparent who is underneath all of the hair and grime, but once the fact is discovered it cannot be buried again.

It is interesting to know that a highly regarded auteur is a fan of a series that is not often ranked among the greatest artistic achievements, though it is undeniably hilarious. Will the famed Mexican filmmaker make more appearances on the show? both prior cameos have been great so here's hoping for more

1 Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad often lists among one of best television shows of all time and not without good reason. It broke new ground and shattered preconceptions viewers had the more than sixty year old medium. Also, none of the characters ever seem like they're having a good time, which is why this picture seems so odd.

Posing for a photo with half a face doesn't seem so out of character for Gus Fring, as evidenced by the character's last gesture before finally biting the dust, but it is not as iconic as simply adjusting his tie. In the long run, it is much better for the audiences' last glimpse of the character to be what occurred on the show and not this snapshot of the two actors and Vince Gilligan capturing a memory.


Which of these photos will be hardest to forget for you? Let us know in the comments!

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