Before I Wake Trailer: Jacob Tremblay’s Nightmares Come To Life

Before I Wake Trailer

Many parents look at their sleeping children and wonder what's going on in their dreams. As we've learned from a number of movies, though, it's important to be careful what you wish for. That lesson is especially important in Before I Wake, starring Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane.

A trailer is now available for Before I Wake, giving us our first look at Bosworth and Jane as foster parents Jesse and Mark. As they will discover, sometimes it's better to leave dreams well enough alone.

The trailer does a good job of setting up the story, introducing us to Jesse, Mark and their foster child Cody (played by Room's Jacob Tremblay). After taking Cody in, Jesse and Mark discover that he possesses a wonderful gift: When he sleeps, the things within his dreams become real. Unfortunately, this is both a blessing and a curse; while it allows for wonderful creations to appear, it also brings Cody's night terrors to life.

Before I Wake Kate Bosworth Thomas Jane

Some moviegoers might think that this looks awfully familiar; there's a good reason for that, honestly. Before I Wake has been plagued by delays, and was originally scheduled for release last May. It was then pushed back until September, and for a while didn't have a date at all while Relativity Media went through bankruptcy. It was then scheduled for April of this year, but was delayed yet again. Now the marketing push is gearing up and it seems that the film will actually make its new release date of September 9th.

Though the trailer gives us a look at some of the terrors that plague Cody at night, it does a good job of avoiding the source of his powers or the reason that he's plagued by these fears. This leaves plenty of room for the film to add surprises (and scares) for the audience to enjoy. While there will obviously be more footage revealed in subsequent trailers, given the nature of the genre it's unlikely that we'll see major twists given away the way we have in some other films recently. Given how many elements of the film are similar to what we've seen in other movies, it looks like a refreshing take on the genre.

Some might worry that the multiple delays speak poorly of the film's quality, but if you look at the timing it's more likely that the film was just a victim of Relativity's troubles. Now that it's back on track for release, fans of the genre should look forward to seeing what Bosworth and Jane bring to the table and how Cody's dreams may be overcome.

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Before I Wake hits U.S. theaters on September 9th, 2016.

Source: Relativity Media

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