Michael Keaton Still Up For 'Beetlejuice 2'

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Plans for a sequel to Tim Burton's 1988 hit Beetlejuice go as far back as 1990 when screenwriter Jonathan Gems penned a draft titled Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian. There's very little known about that script other than it involved the title character entering a surfing competition. Thankfully, that never materialized.

There was also some talk of continuing the franchise via the direct-to-video market, likely because at this point a second Beetlejuice isn't as safe a bet as it would have been in the early 90's. Still, the passage of time hasn't dampened the enthusiasm of star Michael Keaton, who recently indicated he's as ready as ever to return to the title role.

At a press junket for Toy Story 3, the 58-year-old actor told Moviehole:

"Oh I'd do that in a heartbeat... that's the one thing I'd love to do again."

Keaton isn't alone. Back in April his Beetlejuice co-star Geena Davis also expressed interest in a follow-up. While this is by no means an official confirmation that the project is moving forward, it's still nice to know that Keaton would be game if the film ever did get off the ground. Especially in this age of reboots and remakes.

I can't help but feel that if Beetlejuice 2 does come to fruition, it would be better to surround Keaton with brand new characters. Too many sequels wind up needlessly complicated by ridiculous attempts to make sure every returning character gets shoehorned into the story. There's no reason for Beetlejuice to remain tied to the family from the first film. It'd be a lot more fun to watch him antagonize someone new.

Either way, Keaton is an immensely talented actor and I'd love to see him return to this sort of physical comedy.

What are your thoughts on a Beetlejuice sequel after all these years? Would you want to see more of the original cast return or are you ready for something new?

Source: Moviehole via Bloody Disgusting.

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