Rachel Nichols & Justin Bartha Star in Evil Entity Road Trip Movie ‘Becoming’

Rachel Nichols and Justin Bartha star in 'Becoming'

Looks like body invasion via supernatural entities is the new craze in the horror genre. In attempt to not spoil all the demonic takeover twists that come to mind, I’ll defer to a post that went up last week with a trailer for Dark Skies, the upcoming alien horror movie in which otherworldly forces clearly make Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton’s characters do some strange things. There are no aliens in Omar Naim’s Becoming, but poor Justin Bartha will lose himself to something just as malevolent, an ancient evil.

Details on the project come from Bloody Disgusting, which has a summary dubbing Becoming a “dramatic supernatural thriller.” Bartha stars alongside Rachel Nichols as Alex and Lisa, respectively, a couple on a road-trip retracing family roots. While out in the middle of nowhere, they come into contact with an ancient evil entity that takes over Alex by replacing his identity one piece at a time. Alex may still look like the love of Lisa’s life, but deep down he’s harboring “dark and disturbing plans” for her and is ready to manipulate her using their mutual trust and love.

Becoming Poster

Clearly Bartha and Nichols are the highlights of this production. The plot is fine, but there’s no spark that makes it truly gripping. As it stands, describing it as a combination of the "naturalism of Blue Valentine" meets "the tension of The Shining" seems like it could be a stretch. Then there’s the issue of this rather silly teaser poster that looks more like straight-to-DVD artwork than a theater-worthy rendering. The team behind this one is going to want Bartha and Nichols front and center as much as possible, but I’d like to bet there’s a more aesthetically pleasing way to sell them along with the film’s road-trip-with-an-evil-entity plot.

Becoming is still without an IMDb page, making it tough to track, but apparently the Canadian production is in post so we could see some footage from the film soon. With G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Conan the Barbarian and Alex Cross, Nichols has been plagued with some subpar material lately and Bartha’s been living in the Hangover bubble - so it should be interesting to see what the duo can do with such different and possibly very character-driven material. Fingers crossed for a big step up from P2 (another Rachel Nichols misfire).


Source: Bloody Disgusting

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