Beauty & the Beast Live-Action Remake Gets an Honest Trailer

Following its release on home media formats last week, Screen Junkies has released their Honest Trailer for this year's live-action remake of Beauty and the BeastDisney's reimagining of their Oscar-nominated 1991 animated classic was expected to be a big hit around the world, but the film has exceeded even the highest of expectations. Repurposing all of the timeless bits from the original into a hybrid of CGI and live-action, the film earned over $1 billion dollars worldwide and has entered the Top 10 films of all-time at the global box office.

Despite overwhelming audience support, the remake certainly had more detractors than the original film, with many critical of its bloated runtime and its devotion to rehashing the story of the original film. This is Screen Junkies' main criticism in their "Honest Trailer," taking the "tale as old as 1991" to task for its lack of original ideas and cash-grabby feel.

Screen Junkies covers all of the basis of criticism that the film has received, including (but not limited to) Emma Watson's auto-tune heavy singing voice, the addition of Oscar-baity songs, and the creepiness of beloved animated characters like Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Chip realized as enchanted CGI household appliances. The Epic Trailer Voice Guy even makes a couple of the same jokes that he made when he read for the original film's "Honest Trailer" in March, saying that if the film can rehash everything from the original Beauty and the Beast, then he can rehash jokes.

Beauty and the Beast poster

The trailer does acknowledge that the film does have "tiny crumbs" of original ideas, but asserts that all of the additions to the tightly paced and short original Beauty and the Beast are superfluous. Audiences didn't seem to mind several scenes and musical numbers that helped flesh out Belle and the Beast's backstory, but Screen Junkies seems to be asking the question if this information added much to the already romantic and powerful fairy tale story.

Screen Junkies also mocks the blown out of proportion reaction to the announcement that Josh Gad's LeFou would be the first openly gay Disney character, only for the film to address this in a brief few shots and lines of dialogue. They assert that this decision by the film satisfied no one, as several countries and areas around the United States banned the film due to their anti-homosexual beliefs, while those looking for a bigger presence from the character might have been disappointed.

Beauty and the Beast is available now on home video and on-demand.

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Source:  Screen Junkies

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