Beauty & The Beast Deleted Scene Reveals Alternate Musical Number

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The first deleted scene from Beauty and the Beast has been revealed. The film -- which marked Disney's latest in a long line of live-action reimaginings of their classic animated titles -- was met with mostly positive critical acclaim when it hit theaters back in March, and has gone on to have a constant presence at the box office in the months since its release. Starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in the title roles, the film brought back all of the same songs and classic musical numbers from the original 1991 animated version, while adding in a couple more along the way.

While it may not have been as critically beloved as some of Disney's recent live-action reimaginings -- like Pete's Dragon or The Jungle Book -- Beauty and the Beast has been, without a doubt, the most financially successful that the studio has released so far. After crossing the $1 billion mark at the box office just a few weeks after its mid-March release, Beauty and the Beast just recently became one of the top 10 highest grossing films of all time. And at this point, the film shows very little signs of slowing down.

In fact, it's almost a certainty at this point that Beauty and the Beast will still be playing in theaters when it's released on Blu-ray and Digital HD early next month. In anticipation of that release, Disney has officially unveiled a sneak peek at some of the film's special features, with director Bill Condon briefly introducing a deleted scene from the film.While it's not very long or substantial, it does feature an alternative lead-in to the 'Days in the Sun' scene. Take a look at the deleted scene for yourself in the space above.

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The 'Days in the Sun' number is one of a couple of new musical moments included in the live-action reimagining that wasn't in any of the pre-existing Beauty and the Beast iterations, along with 'How Does a Moment Last Forever' and the Dan Stevens solo number, 'Evermore'. Even despite the beloved and critically acclaimed status of the original soundtrack too, by bringing Alan Menken back to help compose and write the new numbers, all of the songs managed to fit into the framework and emotion of the story well.

Notably, 'Days in the Sun' is one of the first times in the Beauty and the Beast lore also when we learn more about the Beast's past before he was the selfish prince that was eventually cursed. So it's not very surprising that Condon and co. had originally thought of having the Beast's mother playing a bigger role in the song itself, which centers all around the Beast and the other characters in the film longing for a time before their innocence and happiness was taken away from them. Fortunately for Beauty and the Beast fans, this is only one of a number of behind-the-scenes special features set to be included on the film's Blu-ray, which all appear to offer some more insight into what it was like bringing the tale as old as time back to life on the big screen again.

Beauty and the Beast becomes available for purchase on Blu-ray starting June 6.

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