Beauty & the Beast ‘Something There’ Clip: Belle & Beast’s Budding Romance

Beauty and the Beast

There are only a few days to go before Disney's latest live-action adaptation, Beauty and the Beast, hits theaters, but the marketing machine is still going strong! Disney has continued to showcase clips and scenes from the film for months now, and it's clearly paying off. Despite the controversy over Disney's first gay character appearing in the film, it is already setting records. Beauty and the Beast's presales make it the number one fastest selling family film of all time, and it's projected to have a phenomenal $200 million opening this weekend.

But Disney still has a few scenes to show us before opening night, including a new look at a classic song: 'Something There'.

The clip features 46 seconds of the musical number, including vocals from both Belle (Emma Watson) and Beast (Dan Stevens). The words themselves are unchanged from the original song, and are set to two different scenes. The first shows Belle and Beast in the snowy garden with a white horse, throwing snowballs at each other; the second has them eating dinner together, as Beast sings.

Beauty and the Beast

There are some differences between this clip and the song in the original, although these are very minor. Both take place primarily in the garden after a snowfall, and involve an animal and a snowball fight. However, in the original, the animal Beast is taming is a bird (a whole handful, in fact) and when he creates a giant snowball Belle manages to make him drop it on his own head. In this new version, Beast is with a horse, and knocks Belle flat on her back with his giant snowball. The dining scene is also slightly different. In the original, Belle and Beast are eating before the song starts, as Beast struggles to learn to eat like a gentleman again. This time around, the scene appears mid-song, and looks like dinner rather than breakfast.

Although the songs are not absolutely identical, that's not a bad thing! As well as seeing all of our favorite moments brought to life in this new adaptation, we do want to see a slightly new spin on the classic, and these subtle changes are a perfect example of some of the differences that we will see. Belle is still wearing the gorgeous red and white cloak that was the envy of every little girl watching, but the rest of her costume has been updated, and it looks like she and Beast are on more equal footing, even with a simple snowball fight.

Of course, there isn't anything surprising in the clip, and it's likely that Disney has held back the biggest changes for the film itself. Instead, this is a beautiful example of what the film is already being praised for: gorgeous effects, enchanting acting, and lovely singing voices. This clip is certainly enough to give long-time fans goosebumps, even if it doesn't bring anything truly new to the table.

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