Beauty and the Beast Clip: Belle Meets Lumiere

Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Belle poster artwork

We're only two weeks away from the cinematic release of Disney's latest live-action adaptation of an animated classic: Beauty and the Beast. This re-telling of the beloved classic has received positive early reviews (unsurprisingly), although the film is also causing some controversy after the revelation that it will contain Disney's first official gay character, LeFou (Josh Gad). One theater has even pulled Beauty and the Beast as a result, although it is doubtful that this will have too much of a negative impact on its success, which is projected to break box office records.

It hardly seems that Beauty and the Beast needs any further publicity, given the amount of hype surrounding the film, but Disney is continuing to release new snippets and sneak peeks to tantalize us over the next two weeks - including one of Belle trying to run away, and now one of Belle when she first meets Lumiere.

This new clip was featured in the latest video by Oh My Disney on YouTube, an official Disney channel featuring interviews, exclusives, challenges and skits. The clip is part of a longer video, starting at the 1:15 mark, and runs for just over 45 seconds. It shows Belle (Emma Watson) in a tower cell, where the door opens and she hears Lumiere's (Ewan McGregor) voice offering to take her to her room. Belle exits the cell to see Lumiere is a talking candelabra, and in her shock, she smacks him over the head with a stool. Cogsworth (Ian McKellen) then appears and argues with Lumiere about the wisdom of letting Belle out.

Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Belle poster artwork

The clip takes place after Belle has just traded herself to the Beast (Dan Stevens) and comes with a few differences from the original animated film. In the original version, it was the Beast who let Belle have a room in the main castle (at Lumiere's suggestion), whereas this version reveals that Beast was going to let her stay in the tower. From Lumiere's impression of him, it sounds like he may have offered her a room, but lost his temper at Belle's initial refusal. Watson's version of Belle is also significantly more physical than the original animated Belle, reacting to this strange situation by not only questioning the castle staff, but by looking for weapons and attempting to defend herself as well.

We've already seen smaller snippets of this clip in some of the trailers, but this is the longest version of the scene that has been released to date. We're loving how Watson's Belle is much stronger than the original, balancing out the trusting kindness of the classic beauty with a more realistic approach to new situations. Like many other clips before it, this shows how well the writers have added to lines from the original script, keeping the core of the original intact while still giving it a new twist.

While it's certainly fun to see so many previews of the film before its release, there is a bit of a concern over just how much of the film is being seen ahead of time. Multiple clips, images, featurettes, and several of the songs have already been released, leaving some fans to wonder if too much of the movie is being given away in the marketing. Of course, we already know the plot, so there's nothing that can be spoiled, and plenty of people will simply be happy to see as much of it as they can - after all, the original is already the kind of movie that fans are happy to watch again and again.

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Source: Oh My Disney

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