Following on from a record-breaking 2016, Disney has a lot of exciting movies this year from its various subsidiaries – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok (Sony is releasing Spider-Man: Homecoming), Pixar’s Cars 3 and Coco and, of course, Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Episode VIII. But, as hyped as all of those are, the one that will likely get classic Mouse House fans most excited is Beauty and the Beast.

Bill Condon’s film is the latest in the company’s incredibly successful enterprise of live-action adaptations of their animated classics, and they’re really going all out on this one. And for good reason; the 1991 original is one of Disney’s most loved films (and still their only animated effort to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars), so there’s a lot more riding on this one than the likes of Pete’s Dragon. What’s certain is that fans are certainly hungry for the movie; the first two trailers both managed to break release records, and a snippet of Emma Watson singing Belle’s “Something There”” wowed the Internet. Now with the film a little over two months away, the marketing is really kicked into gear.

Hot on the heel of recent new footage, a fresh 30-second TV spot for Beauty and the Beast has landed. In addition to some footage we’ve seen from the previous trailers for the film, the new TV spot provides a new look at recreations of several iconic scenes from the animated Beauty and the Beast: the household staff-turned-objects coaching the Beast for his date with Belle, as well as the eponymous pair bonding in the snow.

Beauty and the Beast Trailer Horse Beauty and the Beast TV Spot: Beast Brings the Charm

The big gift of this TV spot is getting more of Dan Stevens as the Beast. He wasn’t focused on heavily in the previous trailers (likely due to the special effects work not being quite finished), but now we have a bit better idea of how he’ll play the unfortunate prince. The mo-cap definitely seems to be allowing for some rather subtle facial movements, with Beast coming across as a calm, gentle create despite his hideous looks; a trait that will be essential in making sure audiences buy Belle falling for him.

Both of the scenes glimpsed here involve the Beast being the punchline to a joke, and overall this new TV spot strikes a more jovial tone than the previous trailers, which went for a moodier, colder feel. The lightness of touch is, of course, more fitting of what the finished product will likely be – for all its high emotion, Beauty and the Beast 1991 is an incredibly fun adventure – so future spots may hew closer to the tone of this one. Regardless, let’s hope they include a bit more of the film’s music too, as Watson’s singing really does sound wonderful.

Source: Disney [via JoBlo Movie Trailers]

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