Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: March 26, 2017

Our box office wrap-up for the weekend of March 26, 2017, featuring returning champ Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers.

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Despite the arrival of three new wide releases, Disney continued their dominance at the box office with another impressive weekend.

Repeating in the top spot is Beauty and the Beast, which made $88.3 million in its second weekend. That's just a 49.4 percent decline from its record-breaking debut, indicating the film has strong legs and remains an audience favorite. To date, the live-action remake has made a whopping $316.9 million Stateside, easily becoming the highest-grossing movie of the year in the early part of 2017. Worldwide, it's an even bigger smash, as the global total stands at $690.2 million. At this point, it seems like a matter of when, not if, it crosses the $1 billion plateau.

Opening in second as originally reported is Power Rangers (read our review), the big screen reboot of the popular 1990s property. In its first three days, the film brought in $40.5 million, which was a little above the earlier estimates. Though Power Rangers scored mostly mixed reviews from critics, its brand recognition and promise of genre thrills were more than enough to pave the way for a solid start. It still has a ways to go before it reaches profitability (since the worldwide total is just $59.2 million on a $100 million production budget), but Lionsgate has to be happy with this.

Having said that, it will be interesting to see how Power Rangers holds up over time. Next week sees the premiere of anime adaptation Ghost in the Shell, another PG-13 action film that will be targeting a similar demographic. Additionally, while Power Rangers was moderately successful, its figures are unlikely to get higher from here. If the studio is looking for a positive sign, it still has to roll out in select international markets, including a mid-summer release in Japan (where it should prove to be quite lucrative). While this new take on the mythos doesn't appear to be a runaway hit, it should still prove to be successful enough to warrant a sequel - good news for the filmmakers hoping to produce five followups.

The #3 film is week is Kong: Skull Island. Earning $14.4 million in its third weekend, the MonsterVerse installment raised its domestic total to $133.5 million.

Kong Skull Island - Chinese poster

In fourth is the new sci-fi/horror flick Life (read our review), which debuted with $12.6 million. It obviously could not contend with some of its high-profile competition, but the film was still able to do well for itself thanks to a generally positive reception and A-list ensemble headlined by Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal. If Life had been showered with more acclaim as a must-see original genre thriller for the adult crowd (it does have an R-rating), the numbers might have been higher. As it stands, Life did decently, but it seems unlikely to hang around the top of the charts for long.

Rounding out the top five is Logan. Hugh Jackman's final turn as Wolverine made $10.1 million, increasing its U.S. total to $201.4 million. It is currently the fifth-highest grossing film of the X-Men series and should be able to top the $214.9 million posted by X2 before it closes out its run.

One of the year's surprise breakout hits, Get Out, comes in sixth with $8.6 million. The horror movie is now up to $147.4 million.

Panned TV series adaptation CHIPS (read our review), stumbled out of the gates with a seventh-place finish in its first weekend. Thanks to the deadly combination of near-universally negative reviews and general audience disinterest, the film made just $7.6 million in three days. If Warner Bros. is looking for any positives here, the movie did cost only $25 million to produce, so theoretically there's an outside chance it can make most of its money back. That said, the demand for CHIPS is very low, and it will likely fall off the radar now that it's opened.

In eighth is The Shack with $3.7 million. The religious drama is now up to $49 million domestically.

The LEGO Batman Movie is the #9 film this weekend. After grossing $1.9 million, the animated hit raised its domestic total to $170.8 million.

Capping off the top 10 is The Belko Experiment with $1.8 million. The horror film is now up to $7.5 million Stateside.

[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates -- based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released on Monday, March 27 -- at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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