Beauty and the Beast Gets Its First Official Poster

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Ever since news first dropped for the forthcoming live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast from director Bill Condon (Mr. Holmes), the world has been abuzz with the familiar refrain of "Be Our Guest" from the original  1991 Disney animated feature. Starring Emma Watson (Harry Potter) and Dan Stevens (The Guest) in the title roles, the new adaptation of the classic musical fantasy is sure to turn heads when it finally sees theatrical release in March 2017.

Following the release of the first teaser trailer for Condon's Beauty and the Beast (which has since gone on to break trailer viewing records), many fans of the original Disney animated classic have seen fit to begin comparing the footage released thus far to the original. There certainly appear to be enough visual and musical cues that will please longtime fans of the source material, which is a fact that can be further attested to by the looks of the first theatrical poster.

Courtesy of the film's star herself, Watson took to Facebook this morning to give her fans the first look at the poster for Beauty and the Beast. Much like the teaser trailer, the art featured focuses on the familiar rose in glass from original film, with Watson posting the now familiar hashtag #BeOurGuest in tandem to a warm and loving tribute to her fans.

Check out Watson's original Facebook message below:

Based on all appearances unveiled thus far, Condon and company don't look to be having any trouble when it comes to offering an aesthetic send-up of the familiar fantasy love story for an entirely new generation of viewers, and are no doubt tailoring the finished production to offer a fitting tribute to the original classic. It remains to be seen whether or not Watson will prove to be satisfactory in the role of Belle, so here's to hoping that she brings her A-game to the production.

Beauty and the Best Live-Action Movie Poster

Many millennials probably grew up watching the original animated feature on well-worn VHS tapes throughout the late 1990s, and as such, the new Beauty and the Beast has quite the task ahead of it if it hopes to thoroughly re-imagine as omnipresent a story. Condon will have to bring all of his acumen as an award-winning filmmaker to bear in making it seem both faithful, and worthwhile for new audiences - a task which he certainly seems to be more than willing to tackle (and hopefully, achieve).

Beauty and the Beast will see theatrical release in the U.S. on March 17, 2017.

Source: Emma Watson

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