Beauty & the Beast Honest Trailer: Belle is the First Millennial

Walt Disney Pictures has long had a dominance in animation, and one of their more beloved works in that realm is Beauty and the Beast. Released in 1991, the film became the first animated movie to earn a Best Picture nomination (back when the field was only five), and the memorable soundtrack made it a favorite among viewers. As the Mouse House remakes their earlier animated hits in live-action form, Beauty and the Beast was an easy story to revisit, and it's poised to be a box office juggernaut when it opens this weekend.

As Disney fans count down the days until they get to see the new take on a classic, many have been giving the original animated production another look to see how the two will compare. With that in mind, it isn't surprising Screen Junkies has made Beauty and the Beast the latest target of their popular Honest Trailers web series. You can watch their roasting of the film above.

Over the years, many (mostly in jest) have pointed out how closely the core Beauty and the Beast narrative connects to Stockholm syndrome, in regards to the romance that blossoms between its titular characters. This parody makes sure to reference that, frequently reminding the viewer just how creepy and unsettling the plot can be when viewed from a certain point of view. Additionally, there's a rather humorous juxtaposition suggesting the Beast and Gaston aren't all that different, given they display many of the same traits and both imprison Belle's father. Why she fell for one and rejects the other is a mystery still to be solved.

Beauty and the Beast Ballroom Scene

Whenever Honest Trailers takes on a musical based film, they offer "honest" versions of some of the standout tunes, and that's no different here. Whether it's Belle singing about how much better she is than the other townspeople (leading to the insult of being called the first millennial), the castle servants bemoaning their current state as household appliances (which raises some unfortunate questions, indeed), or the famous title song being turned into a cry for help, even Beauty and the Beast's biggest fans should find something to laugh at with these new lyrics. It's easy to get swept up into the story, but when closely analyzed, there are some issues that need to be discussed.

Of course, with the live-action version being praised as a faithful interpretation (read our review), one has to wonder what material is left for when Screen Junkies sets their sight on this year's film. While director Bill Condon followed the formula of the original animated movie rather closely, there were some alterations (including a controversial one) that could provide a new joke or two if the channel chooses to make another Beauty and the Beast Honest Trailer. And with it poised to be one of 2017's biggest smashes, they most likely will when the new one hits home media.

Source: Screen Junkies

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