Beauty And The Beast Gift Guide

Hailed as one of the most enchanting fairytales ever told, reimagined as one of the most beloved Disney animated films ever made, Beauty and the Beast’s themes of romance, intolerance, and redemption continue to resonate with each new generation. Originally a French fairytale, it follows headstrong Belle as she becomes imprisoned in the castle of a man cursed to live his life as a monstrous Beast. If true love cannot break him of the spell by the time the last petal falls from an enchanted rose, he will remain a Beast forever because of the hubris he displayed as a human.

Whether you’re a fan of the story, the animated Disney classic, or the new live-action version, there are numerous ways to show your love for the “tale as old as time”. Be it by sipping tea from a Mrs. Pott’s teapot, or wearing some Gaston merchandise, there’s a gift for every type of fan.

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Now you can be the guest of honor at the Beast’s banquet table with this Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug, an exact likeness of the chipper character from the Disney animated classic Beauty and the Beast. Cast in beautiful porcelain with all his plucky features intact (including his namesake “chip”), he makes a delightful addition to any tea cupboard (though he probably won’t stay there for long!)

Snuggle up with your favorite hot beverage and a good book, or put on your favorite Disney film with Chip at your side. While he can’t join you in a rousing rendition of “Be Our Guest”, he can certainly witness your stunning solo.


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Fall in love with this adorable Nendoroid Action Figure of Belle from the Disney animated classic Beauty and the Beast, complete with adorable accessorizing figurines Chip and Mrs. Potts. Wearing the gorgeous yellow gown she wore in the ballroom scene waltzing with the Beast, every last detail of her likeness has been recreated in one compact size.

Belle comes with two face plates to capture her personality and moods from the film, as well as the magic rose, glass globe for preserving it, and the enchanted mirror that shows her whatever her heart desires. She even comes with a clear plate of the Beast to stand gallantly beside her.


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Capture all the romance and magic of Beauty and the Beast with the legendary enchanted rose, the curse from which keeps the Prince a Beast forever unless he can find someone to love him and break its spell. Only with the power of true love will he not be doomed to stalk the corridors of his castle, a monster forever!

This enchanted rose light stands 8 inches tall, is USB powered (the cable is not included), and can be turned on and off with a single touch. Soft light shoots up from the base, illuminating the petals of the rose in a dream-like glow.


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The magic of the holiday season and Disney combine in this Beauty and the Beast: Merry Beastmas knitted Christmas sweater. Show your love for one of the most revered Disney animated movies of all time with this blue and white pull-over, depicting Belle and the Beast as they appeared waltzing in the ballroom scene.

On the collar, you’ll find an intricate design of small roses and snowflakes, and on the arms, you’ll find the enchanted rose encased in its glass globe. And what sweater could hope to capture the festive spirit of the holidays without two of the most colorful characters in all of Disney; Chip and Lumiere!


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Enjoy a piping hot cup of tea with the help of the kindly Mrs. Potts, one of the beloved characters from the animated Disney film Beauty and the Beast. This beautiful porcelain kitchen essential is hand painted with care to capture the exact likeness of the Mrs. Pott’s character, so memorably brought to life by the voice of Angela Lansbury.

Mrs. Potts, never without a compassionate word of wisdom, was the strongest supporter of the romance between Belle and the Beast. She makes an even stronger cup of tea - simply add a tea-bag or two of your favorite, some boiling water, and you’ll get a warm beverage fit for an enchanted Prince.


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Experience the magic that inspired the Disney animated classic Beauty and the Beast with the original fairytale by Gabrielle-Suzanna Barbot de Villeneuve. This lavish reimagination of the story has pages of full-color illustrations, as well as nine 3D interactive features, brought to you by MinaLima, the design studio behind the graphics for Harry Potter.

In this tale as old as time, a young girl is willing to exchange her freedom so that her father, imprisoned in the castle of a fearsome beast, can go free. Belle soon realizes that she is only a prisoner of her judgment and that the there is more to the Beast than meets the eye, leading to one of the greatest romances of all time.


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Perfect for anyone that identified with the bookworm Belle, this collection of literary inspirational quotes and anecdotes delves into Belle’s perspective as seen through the pages of her favorite works of literature. It’s also full of illustrations and musings, reading more like her own personal journal.

Any fan of Belle or Beauty and the Beast will cherish this collection, if simply for the fact that it works as a companion to understanding Belle’s mindset in the animated film. It shows what literary quotes she associated with her father, Gaston, and the Beast, with notes as to why the author’s felt Belle would apply them.


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Whether you loved Belle’s braggadocious would-be suitor Gaston or despised him, there’s no denying he brought a certain amount of humorous gusto to the animated Disney film. With his self-absorbed personality and incredible preoccupation with his appearance, he rarely knew how ridiculous he looked or sounded, resulting in his many failed attempts to woo and marry Belle.

Channel your inner Gaston with this graphic print t-shirt and be sure everyone is laughing with you, not at you. It features Gaston flexing his muscles on the front between the caption “I’m Kind of a Big Deal”. Wear it to the gym, or any time you think the peasants around you have forgotten who’s the man.


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Whether you want to complete your Disney blu-ray collection or simply obtain the best possible version of this Disney classic, the 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray and DVD copy of Beauty and the Beast captures the magic the way it was meant to be seen. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture in 1991, the film contributed to the period known as the Disney Renaissance.

Based on the original French fairytale, it tells the story of Belle, a young inventor’s daughter who becomes imprisoned in a Beast’s castle, and slowly grows to love him despite his fearsome appearance. Full of dazzling CG and animation, as well as memorable songs, this version also has tons of special features.


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The live-action remake of the 1991 classic Disney animated film brings to jaw-dropping life all of the splendor, magic, and romance of the original while adding new songs and characters. Starring Emma Watson as Belle, Luke Evans as Gaston, and Dan Stevens as the Beast, Beauty and the Beast once again tells the tale of a headstrong young woman forced to see beyond the hideous exterior of a man cursed to live life as a monster.

With a phenomenal supporting cast, gorgeous set designs, and some added backstory to favorite characters (Gaston is now a war vet, which might explain a few aggressive outbursts), this version does credit to its predecessor in every way.

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