9 Beauty And The Beast Fan Pictures That Show He’s Not A Monster

Beauty and the Beast's tale as old as time has been a popular Disney film in more ways than one. The live-action remake became one of the most successful Disney alterations, giving them license to keep coming out with more of these type of films. Before that, the 1990s animated version has been a staple in every Disney fan's collection. Those who grew up during this era are now well into their twenties, but even as adults, they keep showing their passion for the tale of Belle and her Beast.

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Beast seems to have a more sullen persona. He enters the story as a fearful, bad-tempered Beast, but Belle's charm and understanding quickly turn him into something more. Fans are quick to pick up on this classic Disney symbolism and they use it to recreate the film's most memorable scenes with their own art. See for yourself: check out these 10 Beauty and the Beast fan pictures that show he's not a monster.

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9 A Gentleman

This artist is so enamored with this story that they call it the "greatest tale ever." This piece of art represents the scene from the animated movie where audiences really begin to see a softer side to the Beast.

At this moment, Belle meets with the former prince at the head of the staircase to enjoy a romantic evening. The two of them have their famous ballroom dance as Mrs. Teapot sings the legendary title, "Tale As Old As Time."

8 And A Scholar

This illustration by @ra.ro81 on Instagram is a scene plucked right from the live-action film. Dan Stevens plays the Beast in the 2017 movie alongside Emma Watson as Belle. This photo captures the scene where Belle and the Beast reveal their shared love for literature. This piece of art shows Beast with a more amiable look, compared to Steven's CGI costume and features.

This artist has a knack for reimagining characters to fit the design of children's book characters. Some of their other work includes chibi drawings of Harry Potter characters and detailed work of Disney princesses.

7 Beauty Or Beast?

This fan art might showcase the Beast's more menacing side, but interestingly, the artist chose to also give Belle an intimidating look. It makes the audience question who is the real beast here.

Belle definitely looks like she's up to something. Wouldn't it be interesting to see these roles reversed? A tale of Beauty and the Beast where Belle is the villain and Prince Adam is the captive could be a fun alternate story.

6 Something There That Wasn't There Before

This artist is able to put together a moment from the film that is remarkably captivating. This piece of fan art really highlights the Beast's pain and probably his inner conflicting thoughts as he tries to distinguish his feelings for Belle.

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On the other hand, Belle seems to be relenting to the Beast. The artist uses their own imagination to literally pot a spotlight on this moment when Belle realizes that he's not a monster.

5 Watercolor Beauty

This stunning hand-drawn watercolor fan art is surprisingly detailed. Each of the pieces of stitching in either Belle or the Beast's costumes is drawn in. The fact that this artist did this in a watercolor design just makes it that much more impressive. It's a beautiful and realistic piece from the moment that the two dance inside the ballroom during the live-action remake.

This artist is strictly devoted to Disney, but they have a bevy of talents at their disposal. Each item on their portfolio is made in a different fashion, with even some of their own unique ideas (like a genderbent Pochahantas) being praised by fans.

4 A Potential Movie Poster

This work of fan art from the original Beauty and the Beast movie looks like it could have been a movie poster for the animated film. Daniel Kordek, the artist of this piece, is a digital painter, cartoonist, and animator from Poland.

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He makes iterations of anything from Sailor Moon to Britney Spears. This artwork is one of his more realistic pieces, as most of his work reimagines characters in a more modern Disney design.

3 Dim Draws' Beast

Dim Draws' artwork holds a fantastical essence, and a large portion of his portfolio is dedicated to Disney. This beautiful fan art really captures the pain in Beast's eyes as he looks over to Belle.

This digital illustrator and animator from Greece really takes fan art to a whole new level with this depiction. Everything about it is stunning, from the Beast's ensemble to the rosy background. Draws' other work includes scenic mermaids, realistic drawings of Disney princesses, and My Little Pony.

2 Disney Magic

This simple piece is drawn by hand. Lilli Goldschmidt is a Disney sketch artist who seems to do her job quite well. This beguiling moment between Belle and the Beast doesn't need prominent coloring and details to exude the archetypical Disney magic.

This happy moment looks like it is a screenshot directly from the 1991 movie. It would even be easy to believe that Goldschmidt had been one of the original artists from the classic film!

1 Who Could Love A Beast?

This last bit of fan art gives Belle and the Beast a more pragmatic facade. Belle looks to be head over heels for the Beast in this portrait. The Beast's look makes it obvious that the feeling is mutual.

The handiwork taken in this picture is beautifully done. Every bit of the Beast's hair follicles are included, not to mention Belle's complex gown details. There is even a subtle easter egg in this fan art. Did you spot it?

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