Emma Watson Has Beauty and the Beast Sequel Idea

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Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson is sharing an idea for a sequel to the blockbuster movie musical - or at least a premise to kick it off. In the six weeks since its March 17 release, Beauty and the Beast has taken the worldwide box office by storm, earning more than $1.1 billion. Naturally, with such massive returns, Disney has begun trying to figure out if there's a way to continue the tale as old as time, on the big screen.

Studio production head Sean Bailey, says at best a Beauty and the Beast prequel or spinoff is possible, but has ruled out the idea of a sequel. Still, cast members seem open to a sequel – including Watson – and fans want a follow up, too.

In an interview with Access Hollywood (see the video below), Watson says she's unaware of the buzz on social media about fans' hopes for a Beauty and the Beast sequel, but she says she "would love" to do Beauty and the Beast 2 someday. Offering up an idea for a premise, Watson says:

"I always thought that Belle had become a teacher and she would run the library in the castle, and open it up to the village. This is where I was going. "

Since Belle's introduction to the library by the Beast was an emotional turning point in the film for the character, maybe Watson is onto something. The good thing is, if Disney were to explore picking up the story from the end of Beauty and the Beast, they also have the support of the Beast himself, Dan Stevens. This past week, Stevens said he's "open to offers" for a Beauty and the Beast sequel, and while his cursed prince character regained his human form at the thrilling conclusion of the first movie, he would “kind of like to bring the Beast back.”

There's no question that director Bill Condon's live-action version of Beauty and the Beast has been a lucrative re-imagining of Disney's 1991 animated classic. Not only does the film introduce new characters, original composer Alan Menken and lyricist Tim Rice (stepping in for the late Howard Ashman) composed memorable new songs like Stevens' tour de force performance of  “Evermore” - signaling that the movie could build on the Beast mythos, without taking away the spirit of the original.

Of course, the Mouse House would have to come up with a strong story (paging Emma Watson), but there's no doubt with all the right creative elements in place, Beauty and the Beast 2 is something that Disney may strongly consider. The idea of a sequel may just boil down to one simple question: "Why not?"

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Source: Access Hollywood

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