Beauty and the Beast: Emma Watson's Singing Voice as Belle Revealed?

A new audio clip from Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast may offer a sneak preview of Emma Watson's singing voice as Belle in the film.

Beauty and the Beast Trailer - Belle and the Beast with horse

So far, the hype surrounding Disney's upcoming, live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast has been nothing short of palpable, with both of the film's trailers breaking records upon their release, and the reactions to the released footage having been largely positive. The film will be the first live-action adaptation that Disney has done that is also a full-blown musical like its animated predecessor. However, the film's musical sequences and songs are also the elements that have been mostly left out of the movie's trailers and marketing so far.

At the center of all of that too, is Emma Watson as Belle. An actress widely known for her work not only in the Harry Potter franchise, but in a number of successful dramas and independent films since, she has yet to sing a film she's appeared in. Since the trailers have yet to feature even a hint at Belle's singing, many fans have begun to wonder when they'll finally get to hear what Watson sounds like singing in Beauty and the Beast.

Turns out, today may be the day they have been waiting for, as a new Instagram post claims to have the first clip of Watson singing as Belle in the film. Reportedly taken from one of Hasbro's new singing Belle dolls that was spotted in stores a few days ago, the clip features what sounds like, possibly, Watson singing a small piece from "Something There", one of the original Howard Ashman and Alan Menken songs from the animated film. Take a listen for yourself below (h/t to Comic Book):


LISTEN: @emmawatson singing "Something There" from @beautyandthebeast. This short recording was taken from the singing @hasbro Belle doll that was spotted in stores a few days ago. Thank you to @bellabestiason for sharing with me this morning! .... Repost from @the_west_wing_: Get ready for this one guys... FIRST PEEK AT EMMA SINGING SOMETHING THERE!!!! I am officially floored, if she wasn't perfect enough this has absolutely nailed her as #Belle! I cannot wait for this movie!!! Recording taken from the singing Belle Hasbro doll! Not sure who to credit though, sorry! #beautyandthebeast #batb #disney #emmawatson #danstevens #lukeevans #joshgad #ewanmcgregor #ianmckellan #emmathompson #gugumbatharaw #kevinkline #stanleytucci #audramcdonald #taleasoldastime #beourguest #billcondon #beautyandthebeast2017

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Now, make sure to take all of this with a grain of salt for the time being, since this isn't an official release by Disney by any means. With that being said, though, it certainly sounds like Watson singing as the character, and it's definitely not the Paige O'Hara version of "Something There" from the animated Beauty and the Beast either. That means this could be the first taste of Watson's singing voice that fans will be getting - and as seems to be the case with most major blockbusters films nowadays, it might have come from a toy.

For those who have been worried about Watson's singing, hopefully, this will put some of those fears to rest - as she seems to be doing a fairly good job at holding her own in one of the film's more iconic songs. Still, fans have yet to hear what Emma Thompson's version of "Beauty and the Beast" is going to sound like, or what Ewan McGregor's version of "Be Our Guest" will turn out to be (if the film stays true to the animated film with those sequences) - and considering they are the most iconic musical numbers from the 1991 version, expectations are understandably high for both.

Even without that though, Beauty and the Beast is setting itself up to be Disney's most successful live-action adaptation to date. The studio will likely continue to take its time in releasing clips and footage from the film's musical numbers too, the closer it gets to the movie's March release date.

Source: Instagram [h/t to Comic Book]

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