Beauty & the Beast Dance Winter Away on Disney Magazine Cover

Beauty and the Beast

We are only a few weeks away from Disney's latest live-action extravaganza: Beauty and the Beast. The re-telling of the animated classic from 1991 stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast, and we've been seeing these two all over the place in recent weeks as the marketing for the film really gets going. Trailers, posterssongs and even a crossover with The Bachelor have all been part of the marketing machine, treating fans to new details and images ahead of the March release.

Now, a new image graces the cover of Disney's fan magazine, Disney Twenty-Three, showcasing Belle and the Beast in their iconic ballroom outfits against a winter backdrop.

This spring issue is due to be distributed mid-February, and includes interviews with Emma Watson, Josh Gad (playing LeFou), and director Bill Condon, who says that he can already feel the film taking off: "When a musical works and you feel that kind of thrill of taking off, I think it’s like nothing else" The cover features Belle in her classic yellow gown, dancing in the arms of Beast, in his blue and gold suit. The two are waltzing in front of a wintery backdrop, with snow visible falling on the gloomy castle where the Beast lives.

Disney 23 Beauty and the Beast Cover

Disney Twenty-Three is a fanclub magazine for the House of Mouse, featuring various articles and sneak peeks at the different films, TV shows, merchandise and events by Disney. This issue also includes articles on the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 as well as new rides and events at Disney parks, and is only available to Gold Members of the Disney fan club. The cover images of both the castle and of Belle and Beast dancing are not new, although this is a unique look at the two brought together.

Gold Members of the Disney fan club will certainly be excited to see this new issue hit their doormat later this month, and the interview may well contain some new information about the changes that Disney has made to the original film. Although we already know the basic plotline, die-hard fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see which new musical numbers have been added, and how the character of Belle has been made into a more feminist icon for young girls. The coveted cover spot for the magazine also shows just how highly Disney thinks of their latest live-action adaptation, and how successful they are expecting it to be in theaters.

However, having seen this image before (more or less), this new cover doesn't give audiences anything new to get excited about. The image is, of course, absolutely stunning - we have yet to see an image from the film that isn't - but it's not novel. We've already seen these outfits, and these characters together, and many fans are interested in seeing more of the rest of the cast. It is also not clear if new fans who sign up for the fan club Gold Membership immediately will be in time to receive this particular issue, making this news exciting for current members only.

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