Beauty and the Beast International Trailer Includes New Footage

Beauty and the Beast (2017) images

Disney's latest live-action reimagining of an animated classic, Beauty and the Beast, is due to hit theaters in only a few months and it's already breaking records. The latest trailer for the magical film set a new trailer view record, and every moment of the two-minute look into Belle's world is absolutely beautiful. Starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the CGI-heavy Beast, the film looks like a near-perfect adaptation of the 1991 classic animated feature. Much like last year's Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast will be focusing on breathing new life into a much-loved story, rather than re-telling the classic tale with a new twist.

We've seen a few different film stills so far, as well as two trailers for the upcoming movie (a teaser trailer and a full-length version). Now, the international trailer has been released, and while we have already seen most of the footage, there are a few differences between this trailer and those released in North America.

The trailer, uploaded to YouTube by FilmTrailerZone, is primarily a shortened version of the full-length North American trailer (with subtitles, of course). However, the trailer also combines footage from both the teaser and full-length trailer as well as including just a few moments of new footage that eagle-eyed fans may spot.

Beauty and the Beast (2017) images

All three trailers start with a look at the live-action version of the iconic Disney castle, before the international version shows us some of the same empty rooms within the castle that were featured in the teaser. We do get a new close up of Cogsworth (Ian McKellan) and Lumiere (Ewan McGregor) as they wonder if Belle could be the girl to break the spell, before moving on to familiar shots of Belle's arrival and her with the enchanted rose. A second new shot is a beautiful look at the sun coming up over the castle, before we see a condensed version of the rest of the North American trailer play out.

This new footage is very brief, and the latest trailer doesn't provide much in the way of new information about the upcoming Disney film. However, the sunrise shot in particular is absolutely gorgeous, and we can't wait to see even more beautiful shots of this iconic Disney castle. Like the other trailers, this one is perfectly enchanting, and while there are some scenes from the North American trailer cut out -- like shots of Belle's father, Maurice (Kevin Kline), and the battle between Gaston (Luke Evans) and Beast -- none of the magic is lost.

For those hoping to see something completely different, a glimpse of the musical numbers, or a new look at a scene drawn straight from the original film, the trailer doesn't deliver. The new footage of Cogsworth and Lumiere is simply a different angle than the one in the trailers we have already seen, and while the castle is visually stunning, a new look at it doesn't reveal anything vitally important. It's a lovely watch for fans who want to soak up every single sneak peek they can get between now and March, but it's little more than a new combination of the previous trailers.

Source: FilmTrailerZone

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