Beauty and the Beast Gets Hip-Hop Parody Video

Disney's live-action adaptation of its own Best Picture-nominated Beauty and the Beast is finally set for its theatrical release in a few days' time. With its all-star cast (which includes Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson and more)  fantastical special effects, and collection of songs from original composers Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, the movie is set to dominate the box office during its first weekend. With an estimated $200 million opening weekend ahead, the movie will handily take the top spot from fellow March premieres Kong: Skull Island and Logan.

As buzz around the film continues to build, so too do the efforts of others looking to have a little creative fun with the property. Since the film is a musical, Beauty and the Beast naturally opens itself up to all sorts of parodies playing off its many memorable tunes. While there has yet to be a Weird Al Yankovic send-up of 'Be Our Guest' or 'Something There,' that hasn't stopped the film's soundtrack from getting a hip-hop update in the style of Migos' recent hit 'Bad and Boujee', featuring Lil Uzi Vert – who also gets an animated shout out in the form of Lil Uzi Chip.

Natasha Ward Beauty and the Beast Parody

The video comes from the folks at Nerdist, who went out of their way to create a full-fledged music video, blending the aesthetic of Migos' original with the concept of Beauty and the Beast – or rather Belle hanging out with a collection of anthropomorphic dinnerware and guy who was turned into a buffalo. The result is 'Belle & Boujee', a 3-minute send-up of two wildly different genres, which definitely captures the spirit of a music video first, but still serves as a less-than-subtle takeoff on the tale as old as time.

So far, the video seems to have found a decent audience, though it's hard to say if those viewing it are there fore the many Beauty and the Beast references or the riff on Migos. Still, with lyrics like “Raindrop, drop top / Chillin’ with a clock and a teapot / Duckin' on Gaston cause he not hot hot.” It stands to reason that Nerdist's video will find a sizeable audience on both sides of the parody fence. Really, at this point, the only question is whether or not 'Belle & Boujee' will earn itself a shout out from Donald Glover.

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Source: Nerdist

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