Baywatch Final Red Band Trailer: The Rock is Always Watching

The final red band trailer for Baywatch arrives, showcasing the rated-R side of the Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron-led flick hitting theaters.

Paramount has now released one final red band trailer for its big screen reboot of Baywatch. Between 1989 and 2001, the original TV series entertained audiences as it told the story of a group of lifeguards who worked at Malibu Beach in Los Angeles. It was a successful soap opera led by the likes of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson and so, when it was revealed that a film reboot was in the works, not many knew what to expect. With the announcement that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Zac Efron are leading the cast however, came the turning over of a new leaf, as it became apparent that the Baywatch of the past has been left behind.

Now it’s never been clearer that the Baywatch movie will be branching so far out from the original TV show that it almost feels like a completely different property altogether. Given an R-rating and said to be “far dirtier” than anything that has come before by Johnson, the Baywatch movie looks to appeal to a new generation while at the same time, drawing on the nostalgic value of the original TV program.

Now the final red band trailer for the film has been released, allowing a glimpse into some of the funny, chaotic drama we should expect as Johnson and Efron’s characters, Mitch Buchannon and Matt Brody, team up in a bid to uncover a local crime plot. You can check out said Baywatch red band video, above.

Baywatch poster featuring Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rorhbach, Zac Efron, Ilfenesh Hadera, and Jon Bass

Showcasing some of the stellar action, fight scenes and crude humor that will accompany the film when it hits the big screen, the trailer allows a look into a whole new Baywatch world. One particular scene involving a “taint” for instance should have audiences belly-laughing for some time. Priyanka Chopra, who’s playing the villainous Victoria Leeds, only makes a fleeting appearance here; it’s clear that those behind the movie are still keeping some surprises up their sleeves.

So long as the Baywatch movie is able to keep the laughs coming throughout the entire film and they’ve not all been used up for the trailers, the movie should be an entertaining summer flick. Echoing the likes of The Hangover and Horrible Bosses, this could be the start of a long-running new life for the Baywatch film franchise, assuming that the first installment manages to attract a sizable crowd.

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Source: Paramount Pictures

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