Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is now firmly established as one of the leading action stars in Hollywood. After last year’s San Andreas grossed $473.9 million worldwide, his latest vehicle Central Intelligence is off to a great start with $34.5 million made over its opening weekend. Audiences obviously love watching the charismatic and likable Johnson on the big screen, and fortunately he has numerous projects in various stages of development that will make their way to theaters in the near future. One of the more prominent right now is a movie reboot of the popular TV series Baywatch.

Since principal photography began in February, Johnson has been actively promoting the film on social media by posting pictures of himself with his fellow cast members, including Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron. That practice continues with the unveiling of a new poster to celebrate Father’s Day, which took place this past Sunday, June 19.

Taking to his Twitter page, Johnson shared a one-sheet featuring his character Mitch Buchanan striking a pose with Jon Bass’ Ronnie. Creating a humorous juxtaposition between the two lifeguards, it encourages people to show off their Dad Bod, which apparently can take a couple of forms:

Unlike several recent franchise revivals (Creed, Jurassic World, etc.), the Baywatch film is a true reset of the property, with the stars are portraying new versions of the characters seen in the television show. The hard reboot approach isn’t always the most popular these days (see: reaction to Ghostbusters), but there’s a good chance Baywatch can be successful. Director Seth Gordon doesn’t have the best track record in terms of critical reception, but his Horrible Bosses earned positive reviews and his documentary The King of Kong was acclaimed upon release. In addition, all of his feature films have been box office hits; Horrible Bosses is the lowest grossing of the three to date with $117.5 million. His style of filmmaking has found a way to connect with comedy fans.

Baywatch will also get a serious boost from its cast, particularly the pairing of Johnson with Efron. The latter has made a name for himself in this particular genre, most notably in the Neighbors films. On-paper at least, this sounds like a winning combination and the duo should be a delight to watch. The quality of a comedy largely depends on the chemistry between the leads, and it’s difficult to envision the talents of Johnson and Efron not working well together. They, along with their supporting cast, should be able to deliver something fun and entertaining that could be a refreshing change-of-pace from the typical summer film – perhaps the next 21 Jump Street.

So, while some viewers may be skeptical of a big screen Baywatch reboot, there are enough pieces in play to give the film the benefit of the doubt for now. Johnson is one of the few actors working today who can generate interest by just attaching himself to a new project, and as a producer on Baywatch, he’s committed to making it as great as it can be. The R-rated comedy (which Baywatch will be) has made something of a comeback the last handful of years, and odds are this one will be able to keep that trend alive.

Baywatch will hit U.S. theaters May 19, 2017.

Source: Dwayne Johnson

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