Baywatch 2 Updates: Will The Sequel Happen?

The original film was a hit remake based off the classic show so could Baywatch 2 still happen? The original Baywatch TV series starred David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson and followed the misadventures of a group of L.A. lifeguards. The show was originally canceled after its first season but would thrive through later seasons on syndication. It's success also spawned spinoffs like the famously awful Baywatch Nights.

A big screen remake of the show had been rumored for years, with Eli Roth (Hostel) once attached as a producer. The project finally moved forward when Dwayne Johnson signed on to play Mitch Buchannon. The reboot soon assembled a solid cast, including Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra, and Alexandra Daddario. The movie also took clear inspiration from the big screen remake of 21 Jump Street, with the film paying homage to the source material but with tongue firmly in cheek.

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While Baywatch was financial hit it wasn't well received critically, with reviewers finding much of the humor uninspired and stale. Bearing the reception to the movie in mind is Baywatch 2 still on the cards?

Baywatch 2 Would Take The Team Overseas

Shortly after the film's release, producer Beau Flynn (Rampage) announced a sequel was already being written and would have an "amazing" story. The original cast was set to return and it would find the lifeguard team on a new overseas adventure. While the film would prove to be a success, little has been heard about the planned follow-up since 2017.

Dwayne Johnson Is Busy With Other Sequels

Dwayne Johnson is something of a workaholic and is constantly jumping from project to project. He also has a number of other franchises to focus on, including Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw, Jumanji 2 and there's still the possibility of him appearing in a Black Adam movie.

His schedule looks pretty full in the years again too, to the point where potential sequels like Journey 3 were canceled when it was clear he wouldn't find time to make them. It's possible Johnson's workload is one reason nothing has been heard about Baywatch 2, but given the film's mostly negative reception and modest box-office success, he may have decided a follow-up wasn't worth the time investment.

A New Baywatch Series Is Being Developed

Yasmine Bleeth, Jason Simmons, Pamela Anderson, David Hasselhoff Gina Lee Nolin, David Chokachi and Alexandra Paul in Baywatch.

A remastered version of the original Baywatch arrived on Amazon in 2019 and it was mentioned in late 2018 a reboot series could follow if the remaster was a hit. FremantleMedia's Bob McCourt admitted they expected to revive Baywatch following the movie, but its mixed reviews delayed those plans. Given the reception to the movie and plans for a new series, it feels like Baywatch 2 probably won't happen. Johnson and Efron are busy with other projects and the reboot itself is widely considered a dud. If another movie does happen, it will probably be another reboot.

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