Bayonetta 3 Announced as Nintendo Switch Exclusive

For those who think the only exclusive games from Nintendo systems feature classic characters like Mario, Donkey Kong, or Link, it looks like you can officially count Bayonetta as a member of that group. The character already had her second game become an exclusive back on the Wii U, but some might have thought that might change if a sequel ever came out. After all, the original Bayonetta game was featured on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the PC. But the Bayonetta 3 teaser trailer has just confirmed that the game will be continuing the tradition of being a Nintendo exclusive.

With Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive, Nintendo clearly had an appreciation for the character. That was further evidenced with Bayonetta being the final character to make her way into the fourth iteration of Super Smash Bros. Not only that, but the original Bayonetta was also ported to the Wii U, so the character has shown a lot of signs of being in Nintendo’s good graces.

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The sudden announcement of a highly anticipated game is something that has been working out well for the Switch with other titles. Metroid Prime 4 similarly shocked fans when it was unveiled not long ago with a brief teaser. The gaming company definitely seems to be listening to their fans on this console generation.


The trailer for Bayonetta 3 doesn’t offer very much information about what the game will actually be like, though. The video is less than a minute in length and simply shows Bayonetta in action, but no real details on what the story of the game will be. A release date was also something that Nintendo is keeping quiet on for the moment, so fans will presumably have to wait a bit for this one.

However, fans who are looking to enjoy the Bayonetta games on the Switch won’t have to wait long at all for that, since Nintendo has also announced both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 will be getting ported to the Switch. They will be available as a package deal and will be coming out on February 16, 2018. So there will be ample opportunity for new and old fans of the character to enjoy her games while waiting for the newest release.

Bayonetta 3 is still in development, but we will have more updates about the game as more information begins to surface and it comes closer to release.

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