The CW's Batwoman Pilot Casts Teen Wolf, Luke Cage and YOU Alums


The CW adds to the cast of Batwoman, with alumni from Luke Cage, You, and Teen Wolf.  The character was initially announced to be taking part in 2018's Arrowverse crossover, and The CW announced that a solo show was moving into development a short time later. Last August, Ruby Rose (Orange Is The New Black) was announced to be playing the lead, Kate Kane/Batwoman. Reactions to the casting were mixed, and online harassment eventually led to Rose leaving Twitter. However, The CW came to her defense, and the character was fully revealed in the Arrowverse Elseworlds crossover. A Batwoman pilot was officially green lit at the beginning of January, and will premiere in 2019 if it's picked up to series.

Although Batwoman has a long publication history, Kate Kane was introduced to the DC comics universe as Bruce Wayne's cousin in 2006. Debuting as openly gay, the character has since become a queer icon in comics. Like Bruce, she juggles enterprise business management with crime-fighting, and takes over as Gotham City's masked guardian following her cousin's departure. Rose's portrayal in Elseworlds held true to her comic book characterization as a tough, sharp, independent, and visibly queer heroine. Much the way Kara Danvers/Supergirl has faced many of Superman's classic foes, it's uncertain how many of Gotham's most wanted Batwoman will go up against in her series. However, it's been clarified that she won't be working alone entirely.

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Deadline reports Camrus Johnson (Luke Cage), Meagan Tandy (Teen Wolf), and Nicole Kang (You) have been cast in lead roles opposite Rose in The CW's Batwoman pilot. Johnson is set to play Luke Fox, the son of DC Comics character Lucius Fox. He'll reportedly play a role in maintaining Wayne Tower, as a long-time loyalist to Batman. Tandy is set to play Sophie Moore, a high profile security agent, who like Kane and her father, comes from a military background. Kang will portray Mary Hamilton, Kane's step-sister and bubbly, optimistic counterpart.

It remains to be seen if Johnson will suit up as Batwing, who the character did eventually become in the comics. It's also questionable, but probable that Moore and Kane's comic book romance will translate on screen. Tandy and Kang recently had recurring roles on The CW's Charmed, meaning that the actresses have been granted an extended stay on the network.

Kane as a series protagonist poses the question of what kind of central figure she'd be for a team. Elsewhere in the Arrowverse, Kara Danvers/Supergirl and Barry Allen/The Flash maintain a strong crime-fighting unit largely because they're resolutely outgoing, empathetic, and approachable. Kane is traditionally introverted, humourless, and battling as many inner demons as Batman. However, DC already proved through Titan's Dick Grayson that an emotionally less available and tortured leader can result in a compelling narrative. As Kane is presumably set to have histories with each of her supporting characters as friends, coworkers, family, or lovers, the character development potential is already promising.

In the casting choices, The CW has also made giving roles to people of color a priority, and it's likely that as in many of their shows, an intersectionality of voices will be present in Batwoman. For new and long-time fans, a trailer can't come soon enough.

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Source: Deadline

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