Batwoman Is Now Caught Up To Last Year's Elseworlds Crossover, Confirms Showrunner

Ruby Rose as Batwoman in Elseworlds

As of its latest episode, Batwoman is caught up to the events of last year's Arrowverse crossover Elseworlds. So far in its debut season, Batwoman has used its first couple of episodes to set up Kate Kane's (Ruby Rose) origin story of becoming Gotham City's new protector. In the first four episodes, the story primarily follows Kate discovering her cousin Bruce Wayne's secret life as the famous Dark Knight. With the famous detective missing for more than three years, it left Gotham vulnerable for crime to rise once again.

Prior to Batwoman premiering on The CW, it had been confirmed that at least the Batwoman TV show pilot takes place before the Arrowverse crossover, beginning by telling the story of how Kate returns to Gotham to discover her true calling. With the fourth episode "Who Are You?", it appears the series will now be caught up to the Elseworlds timeline.

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According to showrunner Caroline DriesBatwoman season 1 episode 4 completes the prequel-phase for the series. What Dries' clarification of the timeline reveals is that even in Elseworlds, Kate hadn't been Batwoman for that long. It explains why neither Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) nor Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) had ever heard of her. At that point last year, Batwoman would still have been very fresh to the public.

With Alice (Rachel Skarsten) kidnapping Kate's old flame Sophie (Meagan Tandy), Batwoman began Kate's journey to putting on the cowl. Once she suited up, Gotham was filled with hope again for a Caped Crusader protecting them. The trailer for the next episode episode doesn't indicate whether or not there is a time jump after meeting Kate in Elseworlds. Titled "Mine Is a Long and a Sad Tale," the episode will shine a spotlight on Alice and how she became the villainess she is today. Whether or not Kate references her adventures with the Green Arrow, the Flash and Supergirl remain to be seen. But with the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, the timeline will eventually synced up to when Batwoman participates in the 5-hour event.

Details are still under wrap in terms of how the new Batwoman series will get involved with the highly anticipated crossover. With Supergirl kicking off the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover on Sunday, December 8, Batwoman will be the second show to air during the crossover event on Monday, December 9. Before wrapping the first half of the crossover, The Flash will air the third hour of the crossover on Tuesday, December 10. The crossover then continues on Tuesday, January 14 with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow concluding the event.

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Source: Caroline Dries

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