Batwoman Teases Kate Kane's Pirate Ex From The Comics

The latest episode of Batwoman teased the existence of Safiyah Sohail - a former lover of Kate Kane's in the comics who ruled a pirate nation.

Batwoman Kate Kane Safiyah DC Comics

The latest episode of Batwoman, "Tell Me the Truth", made reference to Safiyah Sohail, a character from the Batwoman comics who is both a notorious pirate queen turned terrorist and a former lover of Kate Kane's. This suggests that future episodes of the series may be introducing more characters from Kate's own rogues gallery, rather than pitting her against Batman's enemies.

The action of Batwoman season 1, episode 7, "Tell Me the Truth" largely focused on the hunt for a hired gunman known as The Rifle, who seemed to be targeting employees of Hamilton Dynamics. It was eventually revealed that The Rifle had been hired by Alice, who tasked him with killing off all the employees responsible for designing a railgun that was the only weapon capable of penetrating Batman's armor. This made the one working prototype of the gun, which Alice had stolen in an earlier episode, a one-of-a-kind weapon and far more valuable as a result.

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The Rifle had apparently also been hired by another employer to kill Batwoman using the rail gun that Alice stole, but was unable to because Alice had sabotaged the gun and, thanks to her actions, killed anyone else capable of repairing it or building a replacement. This pushed an angered Rifle to tell Alice that his boss would not be happy about being played the fool, saying "Safiyah's gonna be pissed!" This prompted an angry rebuke from Alice, who warned the Rifle not to ever say that name in front of her again. This seems to be a reference to Safiyah Sohail; a Batwoman villain who was introduced in the first issue of the 2017 Batwoman comic book series.

Batwoman Kate Kane and Safiyah Sohail

Ruler of the pirate nation of Coryana, Safiyah was responsible for saving Kate's life after she became stranded on Coryana during her time traveling the globe immediately after she was expelled from the Army. The two became lovers and Kate was tempted to stay in Coryana, but ultimately left after she accidentally carried a fatal disease into the isolated population and Safiyah blamed the resulting pandemic on an innocent man.

Years later, Safiya became the leader of a terrorist group known as The Many Hands of Death. Kate came into conflict with her former lover even before it was revealed that Safiya had kidnapped Kate's sister, Beth, and begun brainwashing her in an effort to reawaken her Alice persona. She was successful, and Alice wound up taking over The Many Hands of Death and twisting them to her own dark purposes.

Given that Julia Pennyworth joined forces with Batwoman in the comics to deal with the threat posed by Safiya, it does not seem entirely coincidental that her character was also introduced into the reality of the Arrowverse in this same episode. It seems likely that the show will be adapting the Many Hands of Death storyline into live-action at some point in the future. It remains to be seen, however, just what twisted past Alice and Safiya shared in this reality and how soon we will see Kate Kane's pirate ex.

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