Batwoman: 11 Unanswered Questions After Season 1, Episode 3

Batwoman and Tommy Elliott

DC's Batwoman season 1, episode 3 sees the mystery of Alice deepen - and raises disturbing questions about just how secret Batman's identity really is in the ArrowverseBatwoman appears to be going from strength to strength, with episode 3 opening with a genuinely disturbing flashback/nightmare to Alice's missing 15 years. It doesn't take long for the story to spin to the present day, with Kate Kane attempting to persuade her sister to go just 24 hours without killing.

Meanwhile, Kate realizes that she's kicked over a hornet's nest by donning the cowl. The rumors of Batman's return have brought a classic villain out of the shadows, Hush, who launches an insane scheme to draw Batman out of the shadows. Kate is forced to accept that life has taken an unexpected direction for her, and that she must become the hero Gotham needs - simply because she's the one who is here.

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Batwoman season 1, episode 3 is an excellent story, perfectly explaining why Kate Kane becomes a reluctant hero to Gotham City. Meanwhile, it reinforces the strange connection between Batwoman and her sister Alice, and the mystery of Alice's missing 15 years becomes even more interesting. Let's explore all the key questions.

11. Where Was Alice Kept, And By Whom?

Batwoman Alice

Batwoman season 1, episode 3 opens with a flashback scene that gives viewers their first hint at what happened to Beth Kane 15 years ago. She's shown trapped in a cabin, locked in, with an ominous white mask floating in a tank of water. It's unclear how much of this is actual history and how much is a nightmare, given Alice jerks awake at the end of the scene. Still, assuming at least the basic elements are accurate, this confirms that Beth was rescued from the Gotham River and imprisoned. Whoever captured her must have then faked her death.

10. Why Didn't The Police Investigate The Bat-Signal?

Batman Bat-Signal Comic

In the present-day, Alice makes her way to the Bat-Signal and beams it across Gotham City to catch Kate's attention. She's rather unimpressed when Kate turns up out of costume, but Kate explains that there's no need to wear the suit now that Alice has figured out her secret identity. The odd thing about the scene, though, is that the Gotham City Police don't bother to react to the Bat-Signal. Presumably they assumed some Batman fanatic made his way there, and figured they'd just leave them alone.

9. Is Kate Kane Really Going To Be Able To Redeem Alice?

Batwoman Kate Kane

Kate Kane is determined to find a way to redeem her sister, and in Batwoman season 1, episode 3 she uses Alice's boyfriend Dodgson as leverage. She strikes a deal with Alice; if she can go 24 hours without killing, then Kate will consider giving back her boyfriend. It's a somewhat surreal arrangement, but Kate is desperate to get Beth back, and she doesn't question the insanity of striking this kind of agreement with a killer. Needless to say, it doesn't go well; not only is Alice incapable of lasting 24 hours without a murder, but she also breaks into Jacob Kane's apartment and kills one of the Crows.

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8. Does Alice Know What Happened To Batman?

Batman Arrowverse Batwoman

Alice insists that Kate's attempts to redeem her are foolish. "Beth has gone down, down, down the rabbit hole," she declares, "and she's not coming back. Much like Gotham's beloved Bat." Batman had never given up looking for Beth Kane, and it's entirely possible that quest ultimately saw him uncover the mysterious conspiracy behind her disappearance. It could be that Alice knows exactly what happened to Batman - and that she has good reason for believing the Bat is gone. Alternatively, she could simply have been taunting Kate. Alice is hardly the most stable of individuals, after all.

7. Who Is Tommy Elliot?

Batwoman Tommy Elliot Hush

In the comics, Tommy Elliot was an old friend of Bruce Wayne's who reenvisioned himself as a dangerous killer named "Hush" in order to torment Batman. Irrationally jealous of Wayne's inheritance after his parents' murder, Elliot killed his abusive father as a child and later murdered his frail mother - successfully framing both as freak accidents. Elliot's hatred pushed him to return to Gotham, manipulate and intimidate some of the city's most feared supervillains, and attempt to kill Wayne, who he discovered to be Batman. Batwoman's version is very much comic-book-accurate, right down to the implication Elliot caused both his parents' deaths.

6. How Many People Know Batman's Secret Identity In The Arrowverse?

Tommy Elliot claims he discovered Batman's secret identity from the Riddler, thereby confirming that Batman's secret identity has been figured out by some of his rogues' gallery. It's unclear how long the Riddler has known Bruce Wayne is Batman; he could have deduced this from the fact both men vanished at the same time three years ago. Regardless, this means Batman's secret identity is out, and it's quite possible the Riddler has told other villains. It wouldn't be hard for them to connect Kate Kane with Batwoman, given she keeps strolling into Wayne Industries in public.

5. What Is Kate Going To Do With Alice's Boyfriend?

Batwoman Alice Bike

Kate Kane's attempt to redeem Alice proves unsuccessful, which means she has a problem; she has to decide what to do with Alice's boyfriend, Dodgson, who she was attempting to use as a hostage in order to encourage Alice to behave herself. It's possible she'll simply decide to quietly drop Dodgson off with the Crows.

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4. Why Did Kate Choose A Red Wig And Logo?


Tommy Elliot's madness forces Kate to choose to be the hero Gotham city needs, and she decides to adapt the classic Batman look in order to become rather more distinctive. She adopts a red wig and a crimson logo, and Alice is amused. Apparently red is the color of Alice and Beth's birth-stone, suggesting the two sisters were born in July. Kate hopes the look will serve as a visual reminder to Alice where they both came from.

3. Will Sophie Tell Her Husband The Truth About Kate?

Batwoman Sophie

Meanwhile, Kate's return is causing complications for her ex, Sophie, who's never told her husband she used to be seeing the boss' daughter. The problem is that secrets like that tend to backfire, and in this case it's clearly causing problems for the marriage. Although Mary keeps quiet, Sophie surely knows it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out. Will she choose to tell her husband, or will she instead keep her secret a little while longer?

2. What Are Alice's Plans For Batwoman?

Batwoman Questions Alice

The end of Batwoman season 1, episode 3 sees Alice claim she's put together plans for her sister Kate, and she's quite delighted to see that her sibling has adopted the Batwoman identity. Alice clearly enjoys manipulating people, and she seems to see her relationship with Kate as something of a game. An added incentive is that she gets to taunt their father, Jacob, along the way.

1. What Did The Cards Alice Left Behind Mean?

Batwoman Alice's Playing Card Message

Alice leaves a gift for the Kane family in Batwoman season 1, episode 3 - three playing cards. Their meaning is uncertain, but in cartomancy and tarot there are interesting interpretations for these cards. The 2 of Hearts can refer to a joining or marriage, or that bad news is on the way; the 8 of clubs refers to professional success despite personal difficulties, or that there's a woman who can't be trusted; and the 3 of diamonds means success or that partnering with a relative will bring good fortune. This could be a subtle way of telling Jacob Kane that he's being manipulated by his wife, and that he should trust Kate.

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