Batwoman Star Ruby Rose Had Emergency Neck Surgery After Stunt Injury

Ruby Rose as Batwoman in Elseworlds

Batwoman star Ruby Rose has revealed she had to undergo emergency surgery a few months ago. Not to be confused with Batgirl, the character also known as Kate Kane debuted via DC Comics back in 2006. Openly gay and of Jewish descent, Kate was introduced as Bruce Wayne's cousin. Following his absence in the wake of the Infinite Crisis event, she opted to follow in his vigilante footsteps and protect Gotham City as Batwoman. The character was met with a wave of attention upon their first appearance, garnering positive reviews from critics and fans.

Rose brought the character to life for the first time in last year's Arrowverse crossover event, titled "Elseworlds". With the heroes of Arrow and The Flash trying to solve the mystery of why Oliver Queen and Barry Allen had swapped lives, they encountered (and were quickly bested by) the caped hero when they were dosed by Scarecrow's fear toxin at Arkham Asylum. Immediately resonating with fans, the backdoor pilot proved successful and a solo Batwoman show was rapidly given a full-season order. As well as that, Rose is expected to feature is this year's ambitious five-hour adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline.

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Posting on Instagram, Rose herself revealed that plans were put at risk a few months ago. With fans having noticed that Rose was sporting a new scar on her neck, she took to social media to answer the question directly. She had apparently been told that she was at risk of becoming paralyzed. Undertaking a lot of her own stunts had led to two herniated discs that were at risk of severing her spinal cord. Unable to feel her arms but in chronic pain, she underwent surgery to correct the issue. She goes on to thank the medical staff for allowing her to keep working and doing what she loves. Rose also posted a video of the procedure, citing Grey's Anatomy (and her own morbid curiosity) as the reasons for filming it in the first place. Her full post and video (which is not for the squeamish) in the space below:

Rose has enjoyed quite the prolific career over the last few years. After breaking out thanks to a role in Orange is the New Black, the Australian-born actress and model went on land prominent roles in The Meg and the John Wick franchise. As such, her performances have proven extremely physical and action-packed. It is therefore unclear whether her medical issues started prior to filming Batwoman or during that production. In either case, there has been no indication that has - or will be - delayed in any way. Filming on Crisis on Infinite Earths officially began earlier in the week - with a behind-the-scenes imagine revealing Smallville star Tom Welling back in costume as Clark Kent and Brandon Routh officially suited up as Kingdom Come Superman.

In terms of Rose's solo show, it is already shaping up to be a highly-anticipated and action-packed affair. As well as reportedly featuring an official Supergirl and Batwoman team-up, it will also feature a whole host of villains for her to deal with - including the Wonderland-inspired arch-nemesis, Alice (Rachel Skarsten). Among them will also be the popular Batman villain known as Hush. As such, fans will no doubt join Screen Rant in offering Rose a continued recovery and hope that she will get to further live out her ambitions and bring the popular character to life without further medical issues.

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Batwoman season 1 premieres October 6 on The CW.

Source: Ruby Rose/Instagram

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